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Freegate 742p Update

Freegate 742p Update


It's just one day after we post the freegate 741p update last two days, today there's another new Freegate 742p update 🙂

I think I don't need to explain more about this application, you can view my previous posts about freegate.

The latest freegate update 742p file size is only 2.01MB, smaller file size compare with 741p.

Freegate 742p Update

Here is the download link:


For further information on how to use it in your browser(Firefox) you can view my other tutorial about how to change and configure firefox browser proxy http://www.hacking-tutorial.com/tips-and-trick/how-to-configure-firefox-internet-browser-proxy-to-access-internet/

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  • amin

    Does anyone else has this problem where proxy settings under server tab is greyed out? I use win 8.1.