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Backtrack 5 Release 1 Pending for 1 Week

Backtrack 5 Release 1 Pending for 1 Week


Actually I’ve wrote this a few days ago but forget to publish it :-P.

Yes for you who waiting for Backtrack 5 Release 1 maybe you will find nothing on official Backtrack 5 website http://www.backtrack-linux.org/downloads/. According to their website, the Backtrack team delayed the release of Backtrack 5 release 1 because they added tons of news and updates. Below is their statement I got from their website http://www.backtrack-linux.org/backtrack/blackhat-defcon-and-backtrack-5-r1-release/.

With Defcon and BlackHat over, the team here is slowly recovering from the cons. We have a ton of news and updates, including a delay of one week on the release of BackTrack 5 R1. We’d rather delay the release a bit more and make sure it’s perfect. To all those manically waiting – keep your pants on!

So…I’m still wait the Backtrack 5 release 1 that will be ready to download at August 17, 2011 this month…

it should be rock 🙂

Backtrack 5 release 1 pending for 1 week

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