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How To Set Up Armitage in Backtrack 5

How To Set Up Armitage in Backtrack 5


On my previous post I have already write tutorial about 10 steps to set up Armitage for penetration testing on Backtrack 4r2. Now I will try to write about how to set up Armitage in Backtrack 5 without command line. And 1 thing for sure that here in Backtrack 5 setting up Armitage is more simple and easier than before :-) .

Requirement :

1. Backtrack 5 (You can download Backtrack 5 Here) 2. MySQL / PostgreSQL 3. Java 4. Metasploit All this requirement already included in Backtrack 5, if you want the latest update, just run apt-get update.  

How To Set Up Armitage in Backtrack 5:

1. Login to your Backtrack 5 box and then run your X. (read here how to run X) 2. Click Applications –> Backtrack –> Exploitation Tools –> Network Exploitation Tools –> Metasploit Framework –> Armitage (See picture below) to run your Armitage. How To Set Up Armitage in Backtrack 5 How To Set Up Armitage in Backtrack 5

3. On Armitage Set Connection window, what you need is only click "CONNECT" button like the picture below(I use MySQL database) :

How To Set Up Armitage in Backtrack 5

In Backtrack 5 you do not need to start your MySQL service, because Armitage already bundled the application and this application will run the MySQL service for you. 4. Here is your Armitage Window

How To Set Up Armitage in Backtrack 5

5. For the next step about how to scan and gain an attack using this tools, you can see my previous tutorial 10 Steps to Set Up Armitage in Backtrack for Penetration Test.

Hope this tutorial useful :-) .

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61 Responsesto “How To Set Up Armitage in Backtrack 5”

  1. agentsil says:

    thanx for the heads up bro.. my bad by not putting ur web linkback to ur post..sorry for that..
    anyway keep posting useful and killer tips about computer..ur site is rock! \m/

  2. bruck says:

    hello, when I connect I get an error in the console where I run armitage says “Doing a secure socket” and the progress window armitage says “connecting to″ java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused “PLEASE HELP! am using backtrack 5

  3. bruck says:

    I already try and return the same “connecting to″ java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused ”

    acutulize and repositories and nothing!

    • v4L says:

      hmm….how about your mysql service is it already running?(use /etc/init.d/mysql start)
      and then how about your mysql username & password? did you fill it correctly?

  4. bruck says:

    ok, thanks for helping. but .. where I set my password and my username?? molestaia esque excuse the'm new to this.

  5. bruck says:

    ok, thanks for helping. but .. where I set my password and my username?? apologizes for disturbing is that I am new at this.

    • v4L says:

      Okay…let’s try last choice…because if you use backtrack 5 everything should be set up automatically you don’t need to configure anything.
      how if you try to Click on “Start MSF” button and wait…at first time it will display an error, but ignore it and wait…hope it works :-)

  6. Alton says:

    I hit "Start MSF" and/or "Connect" and it never goes pass "Connection refused".
    It used to in BackTrack 4 but now it just pushes the loading bar all the way up, takes forever. Already running mysql. Fresh installation of BT5.

  7. Alton says:

    That's the problem, I can't run "start it". I stated I tried Start MSF and Connect and both had the same result.
    I only checked to see if mysql was running as a troubleshooting step.
    any other ideas?

  8. Alton says:

    Nice man thanks. I ran some updates over the night and just rebooted it. Now it's working fine :).
    Curious, do you find any of the exploits to work nowadays with metasploit? I know a lot of the server-side infections (sending clients to BT via browser). But what about other attacks that doesn't involve the client doing much? Awhile back I've never been successful even finding 1 vulnerability on a fresh install of Windows 7 with no firewall or aV.

    • v4L says:

      You’re welcome…I think maybe there’s some out of date packet in your BT5…but nice to hear your armitage working now :-)
      about “attacking that doesn’t involve victim too much”…I don’t think so if nowadays didn’t involving victim in it, because day by day every O.S source code increased and more secure…..
      That’s why nowadays many exploit is exploiting the application that running in an O.S not exploit the O.S itself.
      maybe you talking about the exploit look like MS08_067_netapi that didn’t need victim involve isn’t it? :-)

  9. Alton says:

    Ah, gotcha. That makes more sense actually. Well, I always hear people talk about blah blah windows this windows that blue screen this blue screen that. And they can't even do anything themselves… 
    If you happen to have AIM or yahoo, would it be ok to add you? If you use BT5 a lot I'd love to converse with you some time.

    • v4L says:

      about chat, I didn’t chat too much…sorry about it, but if you have any question you can send me text in comments of my article or you can contact me in contact section… :-)

  10. Rijju says:

    helloo ! I have A Problem i hAve Backtrack 5 N i Do evreything Which You Showed My Armitage iS working But Exploits Are Not Working I Start armitage By MSF START but It Says Connextion Refused And Working What Should I Do Plz Plz PLz Tell Me i Have Been Tierd :(

  11. Rijju says:

    Bro Armitage Is Working BUt Exploits Are Not Working I HAve tRied All On All Computer ON My Network But it is Not Getting HAcked N Exploits nOt Working What Is THis ? Plz Tell Me :(

  12. Rijju says:

    OH So It's Mean ArmiTAge Is Sucks :\

  13. Rijju says:

    In My Subnet All pc's Are Firewall Anabled So How Can I HAck thEm Is HEre Any Solution ?

    • v4L says:

      Anyway it’s not sucks…armitage is the best hacking mapping tools i know….doesn’t mean when the software you use can’t hack into a system the software was sucks…because it’s still a software….maybe if someday you do a research and found a zeroday vulnerability for windows you can integrate it with armitage + metasploit so your armitage will working :-)

      If there’s a firewall, you can use client side hacking

  14. Rijju says:

    Where IS It And How To Use plz Tell Me In Detail either Post For ME Step By Step i Have All FIrewalled Pc iN my Network Plz tEl Me

  15. Soul Dozz says:

    I downloaded BT5 and I can not get to mouse to work outside of BT.  I have auto capture and uncapture.  Will you let me know what I'm missing.

  16. chard says:

    Hi, Just want to ask something i have BT5 here i try to launch armitage but it didnt show up  heres what i did. i did not start mysql, i enable msrpc daemon and when i update theres an error svn something it says not enough space? im using a virtual box i increased the hard disk capacity still not enough space? i didnt get it. i later remove and have a clean install nothing change stil didnt work can someone help me about this? thank you very much.

  17. chard says:

    heres what i type in the terminal:
    /pentest/exploits/framework3/msfudate  (later error in svn error not space?)
    /pentest/exploits/framework3/msfrpcd -f -U msf -P test – t basic (to enable the daemon)
    lastly  i type ./armitage to launch. connection box appears but when i click start msf it proceed to progress and it finish BUT no armitage interface appear pls help me dont know what to do. Im STUCK here.

  18. chard says:

    il later post the error message in the update im trying to update now thank you for the response

  19. chard says:

    here the error message when i type /pentest/exploits/framework3/msfupdate
    svn: Cant open modules/post/windows/escalate/.svn/prop-base/tempfile.2 tmp': No space left on device
    hope for your response….thank you

  20. chard says:

    Hi ,
      Ive updated my msf it finish has new revision when i launch armitage theres a warning:
    warning:/opt/framework3/msf3 at preferences.sl:309 what does it mean?

  21. chard says:

    Thanks Vishu i run an update/upgrade and it works now. 
    can you give a  little favor i know this is the wrong forum but if you like to answer my question?
    Im having a trouble in sslstrip its updated and I dont think i must download a newer version of sslstrip because when i updated backtrack it comes along (new version) i think. 
    my problem is that  when i type sslstrip -l 10000 it says sslstrip:command not found?
    its not found?but its installed and its updated do i have to enable it or something cant get it?pls help me vishnu.hoping for your response

  22. cah surip says:

    Can u help me for setup multiplayer  armitage ..?? i try to follow this link http://www.fastandeasyhacking.com/manual , but still cant.
    if i try to execute : armitage --server 55553 user password
    i found this : warning:/opt/framework3/msf3 at preferences.sl:309

    and this : warning : check error() : java.lang.runtimeExeption:java.io.IOexeption: ……
    Need advice more..

    Nubies ^^

  23. cah surip says:


    iam use Linux bt #1 SMP Thu Aug 18 13:38:02 NZST 2011 i686 GNU/Linux

    Hev u try this way : (Multi-Player Metasploit Setup) . Pls check on this link :

    If i try to execute on console like this :
    msfrpcd -U msf -P wiggles -f -t Msg
    armitage –server 55553 msf wiggles

    Here is the result :
    Warning: /root at preferences.sl:309
    Warning: checkError(): java.lang.RuntimeException: java.net.SocketException: Connection reset at server.sl:308
    Warning: checkError(): java.lang.RuntimeException: Error reading response: Connection reset at server.sl:311
    Warning: checkError(): java.lang.RuntimeException: java.net.SocketException: Connection reset at server.sl:311
    Warning: checkError(): java.lang.RuntimeException: Error reading response: Connection reset at server.sl:311

    Any suggestion about that..??

    Thnx soo much before boss..

    • v4L says:

      #cah surip
      Hmm…maybe you can try update your BT first, because it has some dependencies need to update…try run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade and try run armitage again..

  24. cah surip says:

    I am already update & upgrade apt-get. But that still error if i execute this command :
    armitage --server [my ip] 55553 msf wiggles
    Do u ever try this ways to watch your team to exploit another computer ( multi-player metasploit) ..??? pls help me to find out this…
    Thnx soo much..

  25. cah surip says:

    Just for note : i already run armitage as well , but i can't show on the console armitage  for multi-player . Actually in armitage will be shown "Event Log" to indicate how to chat and share with another team.

  26. Charles says:

    I have the same problem with the connection reset and/or connection refused errors. I'm just trying to run:
    msfrpcd -a -p 55559 -U msf -P f00bar! -t Basic -S
    and then in another window (in the same backtrack):
    armitage –server 55559 msf f00bar! 0
    I've tried both with and without SSL, and I just can't get it to work.

    • v4L says:

      If you use BT5, you don’t need to configure the armitage, maybe you can try to do apt-get update and then apt-get upgrade to update the system..and hope it’s worked

  27. pnp says:

    Hi Vishnu,
    I updated and upgraded BT 5 before trying out this stuff. Still i get only these options when i start armitage-
    There is no option for postgresql or mysql!
    And later when i try to do a scan for all systems in the network (nmap quick scan for OS), get this- Database not connected.
    Everything was running fine until i updated and upgraded, but now things seem to be strange!!
    re : http://www./hacking-tutorial/10-steps-to-set-up-armitage-in-backtrack-for-penetration-test/

    Read more : http://www./hacking-tutorial/10-steps-to-set-up-armitage-in-backtrack-for-penetration-test/


    Read more : http://www./hacking-tutorial/10-steps-to-set-up-armitage-in-backtrack-for-penetration-test/

  28. AnL says:

    Hey v4L,
    1st, i appreciate you for being active on this forum and helping out alot of people as i see on the last upto the recent posts..
    this is my problem and i cant seem to find someone who has similar problem as mine.
    whenever i run armitage and click connect, everything goes fine. but when the connection is already completed, no window of armitage appears. after the connection, the small window just disappear and nothing happens after that. i have waited something to pop-up but still failed. can you help me for this?
    already checked "USE SSL"
    also, you typed different pass while my pass is different than yours.
    BT5 R2 32-bit GNOME

  29. AnL says:

    also, while connecting, i have see "java.net.connectionException: Connection refused. do you think this is the culprit of the failure?

  30. Ali says:

    A very good article. I passed my CEH exam just recently and I'm still learning. However today has been the first day that I got Armitage to run. I was getting the JAVA error again and again, until I saw your reply here.
    I'm here to ask something important. Soon as my Armitage opened. I had 4 hosts in the window. All 4 different IPs. I am actually shocked, thinking these might be other attackers that are connected to my system. How do I know who/what they are? I can't even resolve their OS with the scans. Would removing those hosts detach them, say if they are attackers?

    Thank you

    • v4L says:

      doesn’t mean the system that you can’t probe or resolve it’s a hacker. System with a firewall also will resulting the same. because firewall will drop every unintended packet that came to the PC.
      there’s many things you can do to check who/what are they(e.g : spoofing, scanning, etc), but you should remember that this also not 100% will work, because while one door closed, you should find a window, if window also closed, then you should find a ventilation, if everything was still closed, then you need to overhear…

  31. Ali says:

    Oh, i think i found the reason…I used these IPs in the MSF Console, never knew they'd still be stored in the framework i mean…WOW..am i right? Armitage extracted those IPs from what I've been fuzzing on the msfconsole? Pretty neat

  32. saikat says:

    I ‘ve installed backtrack 5.Now I want to connect it with internet via a beetal usb modem.how can I connect it.plz help me..

  33. Blackhawk says:

    i managed to hack my roomate pc win xp is the os and killed the explorer.exe but i was unable to restart it and the desktop background went off
    how can i restart any process of victim’s machine

  34. sosial says:


    how to fix this problem

    1) Finding exploits (via db_autopwn) Found 102 exploits Found 101 exploits

    2)Sorting Exploits
    3) Launching Exploits
    4) Listing sessions
    msf > sessions -v

    Active sesstions

    No active sessions.


    how to active sessions in armitage

  35. mustafa says:

    plz help ……. i opened the tool set and ran option 2 h got this ([!] Sorry. Metasploit was not found. This feature does not work properly without Metasploit.
    Press {return} to go back to the main menu.)
    so what to do plz help me

  36. nel says:

    sir v4l i uninstall my metasploit and then re install the newest mestasploit 4.6.0-1 from rapid7 everythine is ok msfconsole is running but when i try to open armitage it now says
    armitage: command not found pls help


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