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16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt

16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt


In this tips and trick, we will learn how easy the basic command prompt in 16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt.

Some people says "Oh no, command prompt is make me headache, because it's only black and white screen with text".

:-) I dont think Command Prompt is horrible like that :p you can learn command prompt in an easy way. Learning from the very basic until the advanced section.

In this tutorial we will learn how to use Command Prompt that listed below :

cd(change directory); dir(view directory contents); type(view text file); write(Graphical User Interface text editor); edit(command prompt text editor – XP); cp(copy file); mv(move file); cls(Clear Screen);

16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt:

1. For this tutorial, I have a few files for you and need to download to make you more understanding this basic tutorial. (I guarantee that the file below is virus free)


2. Extract the files and copy the folder "cmdlearn" into drive C:\

3. Click Run(see shortcut here) and type "cmd" in the text box, click OK.

16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt

4. This is your Command Prompt console look like(I'm using Windows 7, so for Windows XP maybe it's a slightly different but dont worry about it::-) )

16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt


5. In your Command Prompt, type cd\, that means we will change into the drive C:\.


16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt

6. We're in drive C:\ now, we need to change directory into cmdlearn. Type "cd cmdlearn"

16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt

7. Okay that's easy isn't it? now is time to view our directory contents by using dir command.

16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt

If you need to clear the text, just type cls(Clear Screen).

8. We will start from "program folder". We need to change directory into there, type cd program.

16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt

9. Inside the program folder, there's a small application using BAT extension about asking your name. Simply type myapp.bat in your command prompt. This method also can be used to run an EXE or VBS, because Windows will automatically know how to run that extension.

16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt

You can use TAB for auto-complete command prompt

10. Now let's change into text directory. Type cd ..\text to go into text directory.

16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt

The double dotted means that we will go into the parent directory "cmdlearn".

11. To view the text contents in mytext.txt you can use "type mytext.txt". If you want to edit the text, You can use "write mytext.txt" to edit using Wordpad.

16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt   16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt

12. For editing the text in Windows XP, You can type "edit mytext.txt".

16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt

13. Now let's change directory to our last lesson "..\tocopy"

16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt

14. To copy the picture(mario.png) from tocopy folder into topaste folder simply type copy mario.png ..\topaste.

16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt

15. To Move the picture(superman.png) from tocopy folder into topaste folder, You can type move superman.png ..\topaste.

16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt

16. To Delete the picture(tux.png) you can type del tux.png.

16 Steps Tutorial Basic Command Prompt

Okay that's enough for your basic learning about Command Prompt :-).

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