• Nasser

    i tried to do this, and i copied the order as it is, but it gives me system error 5 has occurred. please can you help me by saying what should i do ?

    • v4L


      maybe your account do not have administrator role

  • Shane

    i did this and my name comes up on the far right where the v4l is does that mean its admin or just out there on its own

  • zack

    you lied this does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i cant do this on guest!

    • v4L


      which os you use…and see the published date from the comments…its outdated if you use the latest OS

  • Charlie


    I hardly call this ‘hacking’, as you need administrator rights to perform the above.

    Not impressed…

    • v4L


      That’s why you need to be #root 🙂 life is tough isn’t it 😛

  • Hacking_Hacker_From_Hackersville

    System error 5 has occured access denied message apeared but i do have full admin access to the user. Help??

  • ski3high

    I keep getting a cslid error where I cant change to opt for administrative rights even though Im the only user on my Pc. Thus i cant edit, move or delete any files in my c: drive.

  • john laptops

    everything working fine with 1 single exception,my problem is about How
    to set”Password never expires”?I use this command ” /expires:never
    ”, and when i check i see that the ”User/general/Password never
    exprires” ,small square is not checked

  • conner

    told me access is denied and this action is blocked due to the restrictions set on this computer

  • Scott Harrington

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  • ErrorNT1337

    There are many ways to Disable or enable administrator

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