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8 Steps How to Share Folder in Backtrack 5 R1 to Make Accessible in Windows

8 Steps How to Share Folder in Backtrack 5 R1 to Make Accessible in Windows


Type : Tutorial

Level : Easy

Operating System : Backtrack 5 R1

Last week I've received a message from my "Request Tutorial" page about how to share files in Backtrack Linux. I think this guy have the same problem with me(long time ago) when I want to send the malicious file from my Backtrack machine for testing purposes to my Windows victim machine :-) .

Actually there's many ways to doing this, but I only will explain the very…very..absolutely simple method that I've already used and it was nice and I think it was efficient and fast also easy to set up.

So, without waiting, let's start the preparation.

Requirement :

1. Linux O.S (I'm using Backtrack 5 R1)

Step by Step :

1. Open your terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and then run this command to create a new directory "share".

mkdir /var/www/share

2. Change mode for the share folder into 755.

chmod -R 755 /var/www/share/

3. Change the ownership of that folder into www-data.

chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/share/

4. The three steps above have screenshot like this in my computer

How to Share Folder in Backtrack 5 R1 to Make Accessible in Windows 7

5. Okay, everything we've set up correctly until this step. The next step is activate the apache server by running the service apache2 start command :

root@bt:~# service apache2 start
 * Starting web server apache2

fyi : if you didn't have apache2 installed, run apt-get install apache2 command then

6. Yep our web server already running, let's try to copy some file into share folder. Usually when you're generating some exploit by using metasploit, the exploit will be saved on /root/.msf4/data/exploits/ folder. We will copy all the content into share folder.

cp /root/.msf4/data/exploits/* /var/www/share/

--> * was a wildcard that mean I want to select all the folder contents

7. Check your Backtrack 5R1 IP address by running ifconfig command and then open in your windows web browser. for example my Backtrack 5 R1 IP address was

How to Share Folder in Backtrack 5 R1 to Make Accessible in Windows 7

8. There it is the file you want to transfer from your Backtrack to your Windows machine. Just download and save it.

When you finished transfer your file, don't forget to stop the apache2 service by running

service apache2 stop

because sometimes you will use that port for another process(set payload or browser exploit like this).

Share if you found it useful :-)

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12 Responsesto “8 Steps How to Share Folder in Backtrack 5 R1 to Make Accessible in Windows”

  1. doct0r.exe says:

    I love it thanks man! <3

    • v4L says:

      you’re welcome :-)

      • BeetleChunks says:

        I was just wondering if you could explain how to set up the apache2 server if you wanted to be able to access it from somewhere other than your local network.

        • v4L says:

          – from internet : you need to instruct your router to forward every incoming packet to port 80 and then pass it to your apache2 server ip address
          – from other network address : in case your httpd.conf block other network address, then you can add one rule to allow other address to connect to your apache2 server(edit your httpd.conf : see the last line)

  2. Henry says:

    I started using TAWKLE . its the best file sharing website . it offers unlimited. uploads and downloads and its free

  3. basnet says:

    thnk u….sir

  4. azi says:

    love this tutorial perfect thank you

  5. Himanshu says:

    If I want to transfer the files from windows,how would I do?

  6. amol says:

    this methode is not working for another directory which is in another hardisk


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