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Create Bootable USB Kali Linux on Windows

Create Bootable USB Kali Linux on Windows


Almost one month busy doing ABC's thing, today we will continue with our tips and trick how to create bootable usb kali linux on Windows.

I believe most of you maybe already know how to create a bootable usb, but let me do some enlightenment for they who haven't know how to create bootable usb kali linux on Windows.

We can use this method not only for kali linux, but we also can create a bootable usb for backtrack linux, ubuntu, debian, etc…


1. USB Stick.

2. USB Installer (Download Here)

Step by step how to Create Bootable USB Kali Linux on Windows:

1. Download the USB Installer from the link above, and double click, it is a standalone executable file. Plug the USB we want to use to create the bootable usb.

2. On the USB installer window

Create Bootable USB Kali Linux

Step 1: Choose which linux distro or O.S we want to put on our USB

Step 2: Locate the .ISO file of our O.S we want to put on our USB

Step 3: Select the USB drive letter. Make sure you don't choose your external harddisk :-) check the format drive to make sure we clean up all the content of our USB

Click Create

3. A pop up alert window will appear. Make sure we check again if there's something wrong or missing. Click Yes to start the bootable usb creation process.

Create Bootable USB Kali Linux

4. Now we need to wait for the application to accomplish the tasks. The time taken is depend with which distro or O.S we want to create.

Create Bootable USB Kali Linux

When finished, just click Close and our USB was ready to boot.

5. Now we will continue to set up the boot order from our computer BIOS to USB. The picture below was taken from my Acer Aspire one netbook.

Create Bootable USB Kali Linux

you can press F2 to go to BIOS setup or F12 to change the boot device.

6. If we choose F12, here is the preview on my netbook

Create Bootable USB Kali Linux

Change the USB HDD order into number one to boot from the USB.

7. If we choose F2 or edit from BIOS setup.

Create Bootable USB Kali Linux

We must change the boot priority order and make sure the USB HDD / flash disk is in order number one.


1. Make sure your USB storage size is more than or equal 4 GB, more is better than less :-)

Hope it's useful :-)

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  • Matthew Barnard

    Thanks, although I already know how to flash a usb, I wish I had this tutorial when I was learning how to!

    • mike

      through trial and error on that one eh what about the magic partition or the other programs that all of us have played around with eh lol i use another for the usb but my friend don’t get discouraged on this i finally after 5 or more attempts i have gotten the install complete or so i think and ohhhhh once ya install look at all the nice programs one can have fun with

  • NewGuy

    so after you boot you will be able to run lunix on your computer thru the usb?

  • ale

    Hi, i subscribed but it says i cant download because the email has not been found! help please

    • no

      just download elsewhere. The program is universal USB installer, and is not produce by this niche blogger.

  • seb

    is it possible to create multiple bootable USB operating systems

    • seb

      on the same USB?

    • michael

      yes it is by way of partioning the usb but then you need to know what amount of space you need for each os i would think a 16 geg usb drive would do ( um sorry Vishnu Valentino) this is about kali install