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For people like me, internet is looks like a breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even sometimes internet looks like clothes, everyday you use it and you only release it when you go to sleep 🙂 LoL.

Now I live in China where every packet data sent to the internet will be analyzed by government and you cannot access some website that blocked by government. This is great, maybe they didn't want important data or some national secret reveal to international world, but there's a little bit confusing for people like me who just want to see my facebook,, view wall post in facebook or just twitting in twitter.

Now I have no worry again because there's some application called HotSpot Shield that can bypass this rule by creating some tunneling to one of their server in USA or Canada(I only know two :p ). So by using this application you can access the internet freely to any website you want. If you need it you can download it on the link below.

PS : I change the name of file, because it will be blocked if you download from China.

Download Link :

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  • yuvaraj

    i need video on every scripts this is not working its purely waste of time set the video on this……!!!

  • Matthew Barnard

    ahh yes. China cares for its population so much that it likes to block things that regular citizens like yourself would never consider using like FB, twitter, among many millions of others, just to keep their precious billion plus population happy. If I went there I would have my data so scrambled and tunneled their servers would not know what to think. (unfortunately, here in the US, we have a wonderful and loving sector of our government called the NSA). Nice article though! Kudos to you 🙂

  • abdullah

    Dear Mattew Barnard please help me…i am in china and i am unable to open my Gmail account and facebook….how to open it