Free VPN Client FreeU v24 Download

Free VPN Client FreeU v24 Download


Type : Application

Filesize : 2MB

Platform : Windows

If you were in country that blocked your internet access, maybe this tools can help you out solve your problem. I have tried it in mainland China and it was works great, because the most famous HotSpot Shield free VPN service was already blocked from here. The latest version (for now 7 Dec 2011) is version 2.4, I will try to always update the free VPN client that works in mainland China, especially for foreigner that work or study here and can't access some of website that blocked.

One thing I like from this VPN client software because it's free and portable 🙂

Download Link:


Preview and How to Use

1. Download the tools from the link above

2. Run the executable and wait until it open internet explorer automatically

3. If the VPN client successfully connect with server properly, there should be 4 server available A, B, C and D and you can choose which one you want to use(but let it default is the best way)

Free VPN Client FreeU v24 Download

4. Basically without configuring anything, this proxy will works on Internet Explorer, but if you want to use it on another browser you can change and set your proxy address to and port 8580. (You can view the tutorial here to change the browser proxy)

Free VPN Client FreeU v24 Download

Suggestion :

Because it's free VPN service, it's better to authenticate ourselves by using HTTPS (e.g Because it's not impossible someone out there maybe sniffing your packet data when you send in plain format.

Hope it's useful 🙂


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