FreeGate v 728 Free Internet Proxy

FreeGate v 728 Free Internet Proxy


Type : Application

Filesize 1.72MB

Platform : Windows

Some people message me that they can't access facebook from their country because of regulation that didn't allow facebook access…it's a little hard to bear especially if you're foreigner on a country that blocked your access to your fave site 😛

Now I'm updating the free internet proxy freegate vpn version 728…this one is the latest one I got from free internet proxy freegate website

Download Link : (download link from

Below are the screenshot of this free internet proxy freegate :

For further information on how to use it in your browser(Firefox) you can view my other tutorial about how to change and configure firefox browser proxy


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  • ali


  • farnoush asadi

    i need free vpn for starting facebook

    • v4L

      #farnoush asadi
      you can use this to access facebook. btw there’s a new version for this freegate here http://www./download/freegate-update-internet-tunnel-v731/

  • ali

    my friend sey me this is best

    • v4L

      here’s the latest one http://www./download/freegate-update-internet-tunnel-v731/

  • leila azizian

    i need free vpn for face book

    • v4L

      this is the free one and can access FB

  • Bahar

    oh my god..finally i downloaded it.thanks alot..:X

  • vishnu prasad rao

    bro, why cant i use freegate to download from mediafire??

    • v4L

      hmm…I haven’t try it…maybe mediafire know the freegate block IP and they banned it

  • steve

    The key word is decentralized P2P like VPN so all of us will have encrypted internet with no logs at all !!! Thats the future against notorious pathologic needs for surveillance from nasty governments police and many others …

  • No one

    is it safe to use in dictatorship 3rd wold countries like ours?

    i guess if i post a comment on an opposesion page can the dusgbags find out the IP source of the commenter?

  • roya

    thank you


  • ali tala

    thank you.this is very well

    • v4L

      #ali tala

      you’re welcome

  • hosein

    i want freegate to connect facebook

    • v4L


      You can try the older version or newer version(one by one) of freegate which one connect to facebook.

  • ali

    please vpn

  • Ali A2

    Thank you for good products.

  • amir


    • v4L



  • artin

    how i can download it?????

    • v4L


      you need to subscribe to

  • barin

    i want freegate to connect facebook

    • v4L