SPI Port Forward / Redirection for Windows to Another Port / IP Address

SPI Port Forward / Redirection for Windows to Another Port / IP Address


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When you read my previous tutorial, especially about setting up and hacking WAN/Internet using dynamic IP Address(click here) maybe you will think "are you sure it can do with it?" or "I didn't understand how to set up the environment for hacking", etc…

After you set up a dynamic DNS or set up attacker server, maybe you will need this tool to forward the packet into another IP address / port(especially for Windows user). Because for me who use Virtual Machine for my backtrack it was a little bit troublesome…you should set up the configurations, disconnect the usb hub, and make it detectable on your virtual machine, etc….!@&^&$*#

On the internet maybe there's a lot of this kind of port forwarding for Windows machine, but why I'm choosing this tool because it's more better than other port forwarding application who always crash when running, and the most important is this tool was executable file so you don't need to install it ๐Ÿ™‚ .

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Preview & How to Use:

Case :

My Windows IP : port 80

My Backtrack 5 Attacker IP : port 8080

1. Let's say I will set up this tool for my tutorial from this page(15 step hacking windows using social engineering toolkit). My windows machine will receive connection on port 80 and then redirect every request to my local port 80 into my backtrack attacker machine on ip port 8080.

2. Application Preview

SPI Port Forward / Redirection for Windows to Another Port / IP Address

Information :

Local port --> Your local port when someone request that port on your
machine that run this application.

Remote Host --> When local port was triggered, where to redirect
(redirect to my backtrack IP address).

Remote Port --> Because my Backtrack exploit server was running on
port 8080 so I need to set up this port to 8080.

Max. Connections --> up to you want to set up how many connections.

Autostart --> Start the port forwarding when Windows start.

Activate --> Activate the rule you've already defined.

Log --> You can read the error and success configuration from this window.

3. Screenshot when this application in action when someone access my windows IP via their browser.

SPI Port Forward / Redirection for Windows to Another Port / IP Address

Success! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, why you not try this now? ๐Ÿ˜›

Hope it's useful…any comment? just drop it below.

Update :

You can view how to redirect a webpage to your browser exploit here http://www.hacking-tutorial.com/tips-and-trick/how-to-port-forward-browser-from-router-to-your-exploit-server/

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