SPI Port Forward / Redirection for Windows to Another Port / IP Address

SPI Port Forward / Redirection for Windows to Another Port / IP Address


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Platform : Windows

When you read my previous tutorial, especially about setting up and hacking WAN/Internet using dynamic IP Address(click here) maybe you will think "are you sure it can do with it?" or "I didn't understand how to set up the environment for hacking", etc…

After you set up a dynamic DNS or set up attacker server, maybe you will need this tool to forward the packet into another IP address / port(especially for Windows user). Because for me who use Virtual Machine for my backtrack it was a little bit troublesome…you should set up the configurations, disconnect the usb hub, and make it detectable on your virtual machine, etc….!@&^&$*#

On the internet maybe there's a lot of this kind of port forwarding for Windows machine, but why I'm choosing this tool because it's more better than other port forwarding application who always crash when running, and the most important is this tool was executable file so you don't need to install it ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Download From Mediafire.com:


Preview & How to Use:

Case :

My Windows IP : port 80

My Backtrack 5 Attacker IP : port 8080

1. Let's say I will set up this tool for my tutorial from this page(15 step hacking windows using social engineering toolkit). My windows machine will receive connection on port 80 and then redirect every request to my local port 80 into my backtrack attacker machine on ip port 8080.

2. Application Preview

SPI Port Forward / Redirection for Windows to Another Port / IP Address

Information :

Local port --> Your local port when someone request that port on your
machine that run this application.

Remote Host --> When local port was triggered, where to redirect
(redirect to my backtrack IP address).

Remote Port --> Because my Backtrack exploit server was running on
port 8080 so I need to set up this port to 8080.

Max. Connections --> up to you want to set up how many connections.

Autostart --> Start the port forwarding when Windows start.

Activate --> Activate the rule you've already defined.

Log --> You can read the error and success configuration from this window.

3. Screenshot when this application in action when someone access my windows IP via their browser.

SPI Port Forward / Redirection for Windows to Another Port / IP Address

Success! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, why you not try this now? ๐Ÿ˜›

Hope it's useful…any comment? just drop it below.

Update :

You can view how to redirect a webpage to your browser exploit here http://www.hacking-tutorial.com/tips-and-trick/how-to-port-forward-browser-from-router-to-your-exploit-server/

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  • jeet jain

    Sir, working nicely i got ur point now thanks a lot now next step attacking outside with ip adress and an machine if i have an ip of victim really nice tool thanks once again will wait for ur next tut on this topic  tc and God bless you

    • v4L

      #jeet jain
      You’re welcome bro ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Amazing U r Bro How I can chat u

    • v4L

      I rare to chat ๐Ÿ™‚ you can send me comments in this blog anyway

  • Infaz

    Hello! sir wanna know in which port does backtrack 5 server run?! is it 8080 or 80 or else 4444?! when i visit  programs->exploitation->set->setweb it shows that the instrument is bounded with and running on 4444 port!! 

    • v4L

      Which server? if Backtrack service, it’s run on port 55555
      If what you mean was an exploit server, it’s depend on how you set up the srvportin your exploit switch configuration ….

  • Infaz

    ok sir, another question! I was successful on running a credential harvester attack on my own backtrack virtual machine, my backtrack local ip is and when i direct to that page  using backtrack''s web browser i harvest the credentials, without a problem, btw i have another virtual machine which is running XP3 and it also has the local ip of when i direct to this page, using XP3 it says that there is no page as such, then i started the apache server and started, and then the method stopped running saying that it can''t bind with the port 80 and telling that to disable the apache server!!! what is the problem sir!!! btw the same ip address for both!!! i am bit confused !!! please help!

    • v4L

      Of course you can’t…there’s an IP address conflict..

  • Infaz

    I have succeeded in launching the attack sir!!! thanks for the help all i had to do is! to set network adapter type to Bridge mode! so now host machine and my virtual machine in LAN ,so finally everything came good!! ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks again!

    • v4L

      You’re welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jeet jain

    Hi bro hows u i wana ask possible to use this kind of attack out side lan if yes than what we have to set up becuase i tried too many time but my fake page is open on my freinds system but when he fill data i didnot get i did forward port route trafic etc but faild so help in this becuase once it will work than we can just othere attack too like java, etc 

  • Infaz

    for me it works bro!!!! i don't know first i set my backtrack 5 machine to bridge mode!!! my backtrack's local ip is so i have portforwarded the port 80! between most important thing is to find the set config text file and check whether the auto detect ip is off!!!! may be you haven't done that!!!!! this a video of mine!!!! to how to launch the attack check the video and you would be able to handle the attack!!!! 

    • v4L

      Nice video bro… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • infaz

    Go to set config file and and it is in System/pentest/exploits/set/config/set_config check for the text file. and search for auto detect! in it which means that it would rather take the local ip blindly off it and then when launching the attack it will ask for a public ip! enter it and you are done!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • jeet jain

    V4L and Infaz bro yaa i had did it and i did java applate attack too with the same setting 

  • Infaz

    Thanks sir!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

  • Dave

    Hi there, autostart doesnt work on my computer ๐Ÿ™

    • v4L

      Hmm I’ve tried on both XP and windows 7 it’s work nice…maybe you have other firewall?

  • sid

    Sir, where is my  affiliations box?? If u give snap shot of that area if would be much better.

    • v4L

      The grey border area on my affiliations box.

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  • joand

    i did add static route  122.162.x.x mask.gw and also can see reult with route print ..thats victime extarnal ip 122.162.x.x  successfully add
    but i do not see any packets coming from him in wireshark …can you tell please what i am missing here?
    also enable remoteacess http by telnet
    plz tell if i am doing wrong )))

    • v4L

      Doesn’t mean while you use wireshark you can capture all the packet across the network especially network with cable….wireshark works great with wireless network and network with HUB.

  • joand

    Hi i am just lost ..can you tell me while i am adding static route mask GW …i see route print ..this entry but in traceroute i do not see this entry that any packet forward to that destination ..why so please explain ((

    • v4L

      I didn’t understand your question…without you adding a static route to public ip, by default it’s should be already there…
      destination :
      default g/w :

  • joand

    what i am trying to do is… specify a static route passing through my network for the victim’s router and sniff the traffic..
    please tell how i should do it exactly

    • v4L

      I just want to say it’s impossible, but you can try to make a simulation first on your local network, and check is it possible or not.

      [Your PC]=============[Router]==============[Internet]============[Victim Router]=========[Victim]

      and if you say that you’re using public IP like this :

      [Your PC]=============[Internet]============[Victim Router]=========[Victim]

      I want to told you again “Sniff” can work if the network device broadcast all received message to the whole network(this what hub and AP do), because actually sniff was a process where your computer collecting packet that unintended for your computer….

      or you can read more what sniffing is and why it can happen

  • joand

    hi last night i did something i want you to see my wireshark  captured file there i saw packets are coming from many different ip's …just want to show you to confirm i am right or not
    where i can send you this file? any email?

  • Nikos

    Hey man you do great tutorials, you've really helped me.
    But here, if you redirect every request on port 80 (HTTP)  to your machine on port 8080.

    How will you be able to access http webpages with your host machine? Wouldn't they be redirected there or I have not understood it right?
    Please answer!

    • v4L

      actually this one can’t redirect a web page with URIPATH; it’s only redirect an address followed with the port number without URIPATH.
      e.g :

  • Nikos“

    Oh ok thanks. Now things are clear!

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  • snadyq

    Dude .. So I will have to wait 18 hours to get the download ? C’mon is there no other way ?

    • v4L


      yes there is, you can give donation for the server cost ๐Ÿ™‚ so I can remove the subscription

  • AR3S

    My english is weak ๐Ÿ˜€ can you make a video tutorial for this and in that make a payload for hacking over wan please