Update for Freegate v734p Free VPN

Update for Freegate v734p Free VPN


Type : Application

File size : 1.82 MB

Platform : Windows XP, Windows 7

It's very frustrating when some website was blocked for some reason. I believe that they blocked it for some reason, but for me this blocking things is protecting me from useful information out there.

Last time I've update the latest update for Freegate free VPN v733, but it wasn't work very good here in China, maybe it only work for 1 until 5 minutes and then it will lost. And then yesterday I got this update for Freegate Free VPN v734, and it's much better than the previous version.

You can download from the link below and again I remind you that this free VPN software was created by Dynamic Internet Technology (DIT) website http://www.dit-inc.us/freegate, I only share the application here in case you can't open their official website.

Here's the Screenshot :

Update for Freegate v734p Free VPN

Download Link (Mediafire.com) :


For tutorial on how to use and configure this free internet proxy you can see my other tutorial here :



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