Windows XP Logon Screens FBI Terminal


A few years ago when I'm go to one of my friends home, I tought he was an FBI agent :-), because he used this Windows XP Logon Screens FBI Terminal theme for his Windows XP logon screen.

You also can try it for your XP box to make it cool looks like an FBI agent :-).

FBI Logon Screen

Download Here :
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  • HOw to insstal the Log in screeen???

    • v4L

      There’s a readme.txt inside the archive…

  • Silver Boba

    Пездато! Очень пиздато, охуенно!
    Похоже на Фбр, бля. А цру-шный есть такой? поприкалываться.

    • v4L

      успокоить друга … это только экран входа в систему для Windows

  • when i run the exe nothing happens where the hell do i place it? please email me at with details, because your readme file doesn’t tell me anything except the login picture…