Chinoxy Unblock Facebook – Really??

Chinoxy Unblock Facebook – Really??


Here in China you can't open websites that blocked by the government. Website like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and many more that related to social network was blocked. There's so many foreigner here try very hard to unblock the great wall internet censorship. For foreigner that already use Facebook or other social media before they came to China it's like a nightmare because they can't access it from here.

It's almost 1 week the free VPN Hotspot Shield cannot be used to open Facebook, some foreigner in my place they try so many things and tools to unblock Facebook from the censorship, but it has no luck. Yesterday I hear about the new service called, a web based proxy that works great when you want to access Facebook.

According to it's website : is an anonymous Facebook proxy made by a group of experienced developers for people who have blocked for any reason. It is really fast due to the top notch hardware and optimized software we use.

One of my friend has already tried it and he say "it works great", but when I look back to the website I'm just a little bit curious.

Let's see the explanation below :

1. This website didn't have privacy policy, that's mean if you use this service you didn't know where the data goes to(even go to malicious hacker).


2. When you open, the website will ask you to open the new tab with URL and this address will be changed dynamically into or or the others.


3. In or this page will show you a facebook login page(see picture below).

Chinoxy Unblock Facebook - Really?


4. If you view the source code, when the username and password submitted it didn't go directly to facebook but to another subdomain of picture below).

Chinoxy Unblock Facebook - Really?

Something that make me feel really uncomfortable was the https subdomain for what they use it?? "social engineering"???


5. When whois-ing the owner of domain it only shows this(see picture below).

Chinoxy Unblock Facebook - Really?


6. When googling about this company, it didn't show relevant information or enough information.

Chinoxy Unblock Facebook - Really?


7.And the last, when I'm open that webpage I still have active Facebook session cookie and the website still ask for login page ID + password :0 ??


Conclusion :

1. I'm not reccomended to open facebook using this service, because the website didn't give privacy policy that guarantee our data was safe.

2. When you input your E-Mail and password, this website can store your e-mail and password before they authenticate it to facebook.

3. If you already use this service, it's better to change all your equal password ASAP.

4. It's better to use VPN client(download the program here) and access facebook with https like this so your data will be encrypted.

Hope it's useful 🙂

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