Kali Linux – Backtrack ReBorn

Kali Linux – Backtrack ReBorn


Such a great news for you who use Backtrack for your Linux box distribution, because Offensive Security team as the creator of Backtrack Linux distribution they will soon release Kali Linux as the new version of Backtrack.

Originally, BackTrack Linux was developed for our personal use but over the past several years, it has grown in popularity far greater than we ever imagined. We still develop BackTrack for ourselves because we use it every day. However, with growth and a huge user base, we have an obligation to ourselves, our users, and the open source community to create the best distribution we possibly can.

the quote above is from Backtrack Linux official website http://www.backtracklinux.org/.

The Offensive Security team haven’t announce yet when this Kali Linux Backtrack ReBorn will be launched. Here’s the quote:

So when is new version of BackTrack goodness hitting the internet? We wont tell, yet. After all, that *is* the definition of a “teaser”. All we can say for now, is that we are well on the way to completion, and hope to have our initial release out….soon.

Below is the teaser video for the Kali Linux Backtrack Reborn:

Below is the desktop preview of Kali Linux:

Kali Linux - Backtrack ReBorn

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