Website (especially Social Networking) Will Forced to Identify Trolls

Website (especially Social Networking) Will Forced to Identify Trolls


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The new proposals from the government says that victim have a right to know who is the actor behind every malicious message that came to his/her page without the need for costly legal battles.

Here’s the quote I got from BBC news :

Websites will soon be forced to identify people who have posted defamatory messages online.

The privacy advocates was worried with this proposal, because this thing can cause exposing user details in a much more wide range of cases

Last week a woman from UK won the court to force facebook social networking sites in order to reveal and identify the user who harassed her.

Facebook social networking sites will now reveal the IP address of people who had abused her so she can prosecute them…

Privacy Concerns

Website (especially Social Network) Will Forced to Identify TrollsBut some international organization that campaigns for user privacy says that there is a concern that “some website operators will automatically starting to divulging user details from the moment if someone alleges defamation in order to shield themselves from libel actions”.

“A great deal of the content posted by internet trolls is not actually defamatory, instead constituting harassment, invasion of privacy or simply unpleasant but lawfully-expressed opinion,” said Emma Draper, head of communications at Privacy International.

“However, if the choice is between protecting users‘ anonymity and avoiding a potentially costly lawsuit, many small operators are not going to be overly concerned about whether or not a user has genuinely defamed the complainant.”

You can read more the news here : BBC.CO.UK

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