Crack Windows Password Using RCrack, Pwdump, and Rainbow Table

Crack Windows Password Using RCrack, Pwdump, and Rainbow Table


Type : Tutorial

Level : Medium, Advanced

Requirement : Rainbow Table, rCrack, PwDump7, Basic CMD Prompt

According to my last tutorial about generating Rainbow Crack using WinRTGen, now I want to share tutorial about how to Crack Windows Password Using RCrack, Pwdump, and Rainbow Table, and how easy it is..:-). This tutorial usually used to recover your Windows password accidentaly forgot.

7 years ago at the 1st time I learn about IT, my classmate tell me that if you want your password hard to be cracked you should fill it with alpha-numeric and also character and your password should not below 15 chars. Yep that's true 🙂 because if you only have password between 1 – 10 chars (all chars) it will be more easier to crack and the cracker maybe only need 1 or 2 minutes to decrypt your password.

In this Crack Windows Password Using RCrack, Pwdump, and Rainbow Table tutorial, I have one user account "mycomp" as administrator and the password is reveal123, I use only 1 – 10 alphanumeric password characters for the example(it takes long time to generate the table…believe me..:p LoL), but the process is the same for the password more than that, so don't worry about it. Once you know about it, it will be easier on the next step.

Step by step Crack Windows Password Using RCrack, Pwdump, and Rainbow Table:

1. As usual, at the first time you need to prepare the tools to doing this(rCrack and PwDump), but I've already make it simple to bundle all of the latest application into 1 file and you can download it below(

2. Extract all of the application, then create a new folder in drive C:\ rename into "pwdump". Copy the pwdump7.exe and libeay32.dll into it. Extract the rCrack file, then create new folder inside pwdump folder and rename into "rcrack". Copy all the contents(without folder) into it.

Crack Windows Password Using RCrack, Pwdump, and Rainbow Table

3. The next step you need to use PwDump7.exe to dump the protected storage containing your password hash inside your Windows Box. See the picture for more details.

– Go to command prompt and go to pwdump directory.

Crack Windows Password Using RCrack, Pwdump, and Rainbow Table

– Execute this command pwdump7.exe > myPassword.txt it means that you will dump your Windows password hash into myPassword.txt.

Crack Windows Password Using RCrack, Pwdump, and Rainbow Table

– In this tutorial I only choose only 1 password to crack, but if you want more than 2 or 3 it's okay the application can crack all of it.

4. The next step we will use rcrack with Rainbow Tables to crack the password. Change your directory to rcrack then execute this script :

rcrack.exe path_to_rainbow_tables -f path_to_password_hash

Crack Windows Password Using RCrack, Pwdump, and Rainbow Table

Voilla, you find the password :-). The time to cracking the password is not too long, but you must wait a long time when you generate the rainbow table :p LoL.

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  • Francois

    hello, i have put 1-5 len. On your print screen is 7… I have make a password of 5 caracters and is not found….
    Can you please reply me here or by email ?
    Thank you ! Im french sorry ! ^^

    • nlowly

      Reset Windows 7/Vista/xp password with CMD. Key steps:
      Step 1: Logon your Windows as administrator(You also can logon Safe Mode with Command Prompt, pressing F8 when restart your computer, hit up/down key to choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt and hit Enter).
      Step 2: Click on Start, type cmd in the Run box or Search box and press Enter.
      Step 3: Type net user, all user accounts of your computer will be listed.
      Step 4: Type net user “UserName” “NewPassword”(replace UerName and NewPassword with yours), press Enter, then the password will be reset as new one and you can logon Windows 7/Vista with it. You also can use a program base on CMD

  • v4L


    Maybe you should increase your N of tables let's say to 5, so it will increase the success rate 🙂

  • Francois

    Thanks ! 😉

    • v4L

      you’re welcome…

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  • These tools reslly good.
    If you want to save more time and get a easy way.
    Maybe some commercial software will be your choice.
    In additional,some people actually don't konw some complex computer operations.So some rasily to use software is need.
    Such as Windows Password Rescuer,Windows Password unlocker etc.
    I have used Windows Password Rescuer Professional edition( and I think the tool is convinient though cost me some money.

  • anonymous

    I would like to see how you would do it this fast with Windows 7 and NTLM hash…

    • v4L

      Windows 7 have different scheme on how they store the password 🙂 this method you can use to Windows XP SP3 and earlier

  • bunglesmith

    Nice post! I just want to say Windows password is not safe now, not only these tools can crack the password, another software Windows Password Rescuer also can <a href=>reset Windows password</a> instantly without logon.

  • jackymark

    Thanks for sharing! Ophcrack, Offline NT is free which also can reset Windows password.
    If don't want to change password, I think you can try Asunsoft ( Windows Password Recovery, it can create new administrator account to Windows system offline.

  • firedevil812

    mine says “can not find path specified” when I say cd pwdump

  • M

    will these steps work on any password I may want to crack?

  • Vynz

    When i do the rcrack.exe thing it says “Invalid line in hash.txt”, and I don’t understand where the problem is… Can you help me please ?