Expressions for Everyday Use


Some people who want to learn Chinese for only the very basic conversation can use the table I create below. this is the very simple version, just saying hi, or saying goodbye to someone using Chinese language.

Expressions for Everyday Use
汉字 (Hànzì)拼音 (Pīnyīn)英语 (English)印尼(Indonesia)
1你好!Nǐ hǎo!How are you?/How do you do?Apa kabar?
2你们好!Nǐmen hǎo!How are you?(plural)Bagaimana kabar kalian?
3早上好!Zǎoshang hǎo!Good Morning!Selamat pagi?
4对不起!Duìbùqǐ!I'm sorry!Maaf.
5没关系!Méiguānxì!It doesn't matter!Tidak apa-apa.
6谢谢!Xièxiè!Thank you!Terima kasih.
7不客气!Bù kèqì!Not at all. (to answer Xièxiè)Jangan sungkan(digunakan menjawab Xièxiè)
8再见!Zàijiàn!Good Bye! / See You Later!Sampai jumpa.
9请进!Qǐng jìn!Come in, Please.Silahkan masuk.
10请坐!Qǐng zuò!Sit Down, Please!Silahkan duduk.
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