Hack Facebook Password Social Engineering

Hack Facebook Password Social Engineering


Hack facebook password social engineering is an update from my last post about hacking facebook user with social engineering method.

This post was created because there is some users still confuse because they didn't see the facebook link thumbnail image while they add a link in facebook.

Since I wrote my last tutorial, facebook made some change in the way they scrap the url you provide in your update status box in your facebook profile.

Step by step how to Hack Facebook Password Social Engineering:

1. Read and understand first how to hack facebook password and how to hack facebook account from the following facebook hacking tutorials:

2. Attacker already set up the fake website page from the tutorial above. The tutorial above about facebook phishing, fake facebook page, will be useful if attacker use it on LAN, but if attacker want to hack facebook from the internet or WAN attacker need to do something to get as much passwords as possible. That's why attacker need to do some social engineering using facebook to deceive the users.

3. The next step attacker made a fake account on facebook and add other users as much as he can. When he get enough users already, he start the social engineering attack by posting fake link into his status message. Attacker know that psychologically human is a curious creature, when there's something unique or amazing they want to know more about it.

4. Here is the link that attacker put on his facebook profile status message.

Hack Facebook Password Social Engineering

you can download the script below:

Download Hack Facebook Password Social Engineering


1. Do not input your username or password if facebok page suddenly ask you to input it in the middle while you browsing facebook page.

2. See the URI carefully, make sure the URI is https://www.facebook.com or https://facebook.com, not other domains.

hope you found it useful 🙂

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  • That is great but I can’t download the script

    • v4L


      you need to wait the approval process, all subscribers data is updated every 18 hours.

  • AmLoyaltov4l

    i can’t see what’s in the image

  • hecked

    do u hav fb id so that ican chat wid u v4l ?

    • Mian Sajjad


  • papa

    you need to wait the approval process, all subscribers data is updated every 18 hours.

  • Jonathan

    How am I going to use the link I have downloaded. Please drop a mail to me how to use it. Or is it written in my downloaded file.

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