Hacking Facebook using Facebook Scam Method

Hacking Facebook using Facebook Scam Method


As our promise on Hacking tutorials, tips and trick facebook page, if the total page like reach 3.3k we will make the facebook scam script downloadable for our subscribers. Today tutorial we will cover about Hacking Facebook using Facebook Scam Method.


1. Facebook Scam source code

2. HTML and javascript knowledge

How to Hacking Facebook using Facebook Scam Method:

1. Download the facebook scam file above and extract it.

2. Open the file using your favourite text editor.

3. We will start from the meta tag.

Hacking Facebook using Facebook Scam Method


og:title –> this will be used for the post title on facebook

og:url –> your website address

og:site_name –> the name of the website how you call it

og:description –> the description to display the short information in the facebook post

og:image –> image will be displayed as a thumbnail on facebook post

You can check the result with help from facebook tools to debug webpage https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug

4. The next step we need to edit is the redirector after user successfully input the comments.

Hacking Facebook using Facebook Scam Method

we can change the window.location from google.com to another website. The website will be loaded after users submit the comment.

5. Wait, where is the facebook hacking according to the post title Hacking Facebook using Facebook Scam Method? We've already posted many simple hacking tutorials and if combined you can create something more useful.

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1. If you don't know about legality of links that shown on facebook, don't directly open it from your browser where your facebook account was logged in, instead open a new browser and open the link from the new browser to prevent and minimize the facebook scam.

2. This tutorial is for education use only!, malicious use will lead you to be banned by facebook or even banned by your hosting or they will send you to the court. We hope you already know about this.

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  • Hi Vishnu,

    Thanks for the another great article. I have successfully install it but the title, description and thumbnails are not appeared in timeline. Only code and the link of the scam page is appears in the timeline.

    Can you please suggest what to do now?


    • v4L


      check the facebook debug developer page to see whether facebook can crawl the page or not

      • Taseer ullah

        Hy every one
        My fb account has been hacked
        How can access my account agan plzzzz helf me

  • Madhur

    Hi Vishnu,

    I have checked there and find that facebook can crawl the page. The title, description and image is appearing there but these fields are not appeared when I am using it through the scam page. If you say I can provide you the link of my scam page.


  • J0K3R

    Good Tut Bro (Y) 🙂 ..i have tried that and every thing seem to be OK except when press submit (comment) it shows error:
    Agrega un comentario…
    Publicar como “FB USER” (¿No eres tú?)
    Publicar en Facebook

    Plug-in social de Facebook
    Error en el mensaje
    seems to be the problem in facebook plugin :/ !!

  • sankarea

    why i can’t download the source code, can you send me the code ?, tks , my email : hero99901@gmail.com

    • sankarea

      sorry , i was download it

      • nimra

        will u pls help me to hack an acount

  • Arizky Revold

    i’ve a subscribe but why i can’t download any software , please help me 🙁

  • VIkal

    i’ve subscribe but still not able to download it!

  • Matthew Barnard

    Well this article is against any ethical hacking standards. There is NO reason why someone should be attempting to hack a FB account unless they have been permitted by FB. This is definitely an “educational” article. (for those with malicious intent).

  • Bl00dy

    can someone help me download this. It says i haven’t subscirbet but i did.

    • Needi

      same issue am unable to download that

      • chady

        you didn’t validate your email after subscribing..
        that’s why it doesn’t

        • asdasd

          it doesn’t count

        • Tendopain

          i dont understand

    • Pramod Perera

      same here. i did verify my account but still nothing good :/

  • zihe

    Ethical Hacking? Piada…

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    I subscribed but it says I haven’t. ( I already waited 18 hours, to be exact 2 weeks )

  • Prakash Raja

    thi is super

  • alex alonso

    would it be malicious to check up on my crush? just to see one message and nothing else.

  • Andrew Harvey

    I subscribed and validated and it wont let me download, is there a dirrect link????

  • Nielsen02

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    Send inquiries to codelordexx@gmail.com an

  • speed

    i have been trying to download the source file for days…. even that of visual basic .. i need help.