Hacking Tutorials Log in Windows Without Password with Kon Boot

Hacking Tutorials Log in Windows Without Password with Kon Boot


I think this hacking tutorial, Log in Windows Without Password with Kon Boot, will be easy to follow using the step-by-step instructions. The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate the importance of physical security and explain how to prevent this kind of attack. Three or four days ago I watched a BBC program about spying. In the episode, they showed how a spy device can be put silently on your motherboard, again… physical security is very important. For most people, it wouldn’t be a big deal because we carry our computer wherever we go, but it could become a big problem for firms who have lots of important data on employee computers.

What Wikipedia says about Physical Security:

Physical security describes security measures that are designed to deny unauthorized access to facilities, equipment and resources, and to protect personnel and property from damage or harm (such as espionage, theft, or terrorist attacks).

Physical security in this tutorial is part of Information Security, which Wikipedia describes as:

Information security, sometimes shortened to InfoSec, is the practice of defending information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction. It is a general term that can be used regardless of the form the data may take (electronic, physical, etc…)

Remember: Do this only on your own computer, make sure you are not harming others.


1. Kon Boot

2. USB stick (the Kon Boot file size is about 5-6 MB, so you can calculate the necessary USB size.)

Step by Step Hacking Tutorials Log in Windows Without Password with Kon Boot:

1. First, we will make Kon Boot bootable from the USB drive by using the default Kon-boot installer that is provided when we buy this program. If we use the free version, we can create the image by following the tutorial: How to Create Bootable USB.

Hacking Tutorials Log in Windows Without Password with Kon Boot

We will choose the USB we want Kon-boot to be installed on and select it from the “available USB drives” drop-down list. Then click, “Install to USB stick”.

The installation process will take approximately 1 minute.

note: Make sure you choose the correct USB, because the installation process will erase all data on your USB device.

2. Now that the Kon-boot USB is ready, we need to configure the BIOS settings and change the boot order so we can boot from the USB. You can view our previous tutorial about changing BIOS boot order in step 5.

3. This is displayed when we successfully boot from the Kon-boot USB.

Hacking Tutorials Log in Windows Without Password with Kon Boot

4. After the Kon-boot initialization screen it will normally boot to Windows. When we press the SHIFT key 5 times (sticky keys), we can see that the command prompt pops up with system role.

Hacking Tutorials Log in Windows Without Password with Kon Boot

5. We can enter Windows without a password, just click the arrow and we are inside the system.

View the step by step video's below:


1. Create a password for your computer BIOS.

Hacking Tutorials Log in Windows Without Password with Kon Boot

2. Lock your computer physically to prevent someone from opening the computer case and resetting the BIOS password.

Hacking Tutorials Log in Windows Without Password with Kon Boot

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  • ali

    you know kon-boot how do this?
    can i see kon-boot source code?

    • ESD

      It replaces the sticky keys executable with a renamed copy of cmd.exe. you can do the same manually with any cd/usb boot tool that either gives file or command prompt access. You can even do this without one through the system restore option if you turn off the machine while its booting windows and restart it again. Its a design flaw in windows and unlikely to be patched.

      If you want to hack stuff…learn to do it manually before using tools. Script kiddies use tools, real hackers built them.

  • Archange1

    Doesn’t using Konboot assume that you have the BIOS password already? What if you don’t? Will Konboot then fail?

  • Matthew Barnard

    interesting! I doubt that a lock on a thin sheet of metal will keep anyone away from the MOBO for long, but I highly recommend to encrypt your drive. Only real way of protection. Anyway to crack an encrypted hard drive anyone?

  • Munif T

    very interest

  • Heterorich

    I’ve read so many blogs and
    articles that these hacker’s can ruin someone’s life. I never believe on that.
    Who do you think you are a genius??? They said that you can actually access anyone’s
    bank account and rip them off through email hacking and even can lose a job
    because of hackers! Are you all crazy??? I have a stable job and nobody can
    make me lose my job. I have a good position and every company needs me. I have a strong
    security on any bank account. So I dare all the so called genius hackers there!

    1st – make me lose my job and make
    me jobless forever

    2nd – access my bank account and
    rip me off

    3rd – ruin my life and my reputation

    I’m waiting I will not give you too much info about myself just my email adds


    waiting for you all losers!

    • rekt

      get rekt

  • Quiet Riot

    beautiful 🙂
    BTW that usb lock is nice!

  • Michael Roberts

    is easy to do. Manufacturers provide step by step and boot instructions for
    owners that forget or miss-type their passwords. Create the boot backup from
    the manufactures web site on another device. Put the backup in the device you
    wish to bypass the password. Interrupt the startup and change the device to
    boot from the back up. It is very easy.

  • Saeed A Suleiman

    I know how to do it manually but the tool kon-boot does not work with windows 8.1 when the user account is connected to microsoft online account

  • Christopher Donovan

    I always have a bios password so guess it’s a non-issue for people ike me because I want no one touching my overclocks or accessing my laptop. I run encrypted so I’m pretty much good because I am security conscious.

  • Fredy TheFlyer

    This can also be done manually on win 7 without kon boot or a flashdrive.

  • jkhnjkhjkuhk


  • lordhadi

    A emergency questions:(i ‘m not found answer in internet and youtube)::
    please note :i have compete complete(full) access to the victim ADSL rouer web interface,,..

    1- How can i hack(have shell to) the pc behind the router??
    3-Is it possible that i do man in the middle attack ??
    2-How can i sniff data that pass through victim router ??
    4-what other things or attack can i do with this acccess to the router ???

    **all quetions situation is when i have full access to victim router web interface**
    found a solution by change DNS to my ip and fake update with
    “evilgrade” on kali linux….but i don’t want to wait until victim open
    the program and if i be lucky update it).
    my OS=kali linux
    plz answer completely and assum victim router is tp-link or d-link and tell where of router must be changed
    plz answer full and compete (with pictures if possible) plz

    my email : lordhadi20@gmail.com
    my email : lordhadi20@gmail.com


    • Anonymous

      Nobody is going to do it for you, or tell you how to do it.

  • Larry

    I think PCUnlocker is more powerful than Kon-boot

  • G4n3sh H4x0

    its too old news bro ..i have use it 6 year b4 itself … you can break it using some popular bootcd also

  • justine

    kon boot bootable can create in cd????

  • Kazy

    Why do this if you can just use a Kali live bootable flashdisk and boot straight up into Kali and have access to all the files already…BIOS has password ? Easy just press that nice reset button you get on all the new mobo’s then voila bios set to default (=no password) change the boot sequence and boot straight into Live kali USB …don’t know why you post such an old thing if you can have Kali at your disposal with all the nice goodies that comes with it to do attacks on a network ect 😀

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