How to Check Email Sender IP Address

How to Check Email Sender IP Address


I have a little story behind today tutorial about How to Check Email Sender IP Address. So before we start the tutorial, let me explain the story first ๐Ÿ™‚

I have an uncle, but he's already passed away last year, last month or last two month (I forget the exact time) I receive an email from him. I'm very surprised that time…I just think hmm….maybe in heaven there's an internet connection ๐Ÿ˜› hehe just joking, the email content is advertising about enlarging your p*nis and all v*agra stuff. So from this story maybe his email has been used by someone who know his username and password. I already don't have the original email, but I will use my testing email account to show you how to detect the sender IP address.

The email sender IP address is depend with which email provider you use. As we know there is many email provider that provide free email account, but for now we only use Gmail, Yahoo and Windows Live Hotmail. With the logic how to check the email sender ip address I hope you also can do the same with other email provider.


1. Internet connection ๐Ÿ™‚

Step by Step how to Check Email Sender IP Address:

1. First step I will try to send an email from Yahoo account to Gmail account.

How to Check Email Sender IP Address

2. In Gmail you can view the email sender IP address by show the original email in the menu.

How to Check Email Sender IP Address

3. When you click the link it will show some text page that displaying the details of how the message sent from Yahoo until the email arrive in your inbox. Actually the logic is the same when you sending a packet through ups or fedex, you can track the path of your packet where they made a checkpoint(but not as detail as this two logistics service).

How to Check Email Sender IP Address

The text "Received: from" will show you the email sender IP address (see the red box).

From this three steps, we know that if the sender use Yahoo, we can know the sender original IP address.

4. Now the next I will try to send email fro Gmail to Yahoo. Here is the screenshot.

How to Check Email Sender IP Address

5.To check the email sender IP address, you can click the actions and choose view full header.

How to Check Email Sender IP Address

6. Gmail will use the X-Originating-IP to show the sender IP address, but for the privacy they mask and change the Original email sender IP address with Google ip address.

How to Check Email Sender IP Address

If you see the email sender IP address in the red box above, it was Google IP address.

7. Now the last one is testing using Windows Live Hotmail. I try to send it both to Gmail and yahoo. Here is the result in Gmail.

How to Check Email Sender IP Address

Last year Windows Live Hotmail still have the X-Originating-IP, but start in January 2013 they said that they started to protect their users by disable the X-Originating-IP and new variable show up there as X-EIP. This X-EIP is always change dynamically even you send the same email from the same ip address, so maybe it's a little hard enough to break it ๐Ÿ™‚

8. Update (the real case)

When I just want to finish this tutorial, then suddenly one email come to my inbox, thanks to that guy helped me to finish this tutorial ๐Ÿ˜›

How to Check Email Sender IP Address

Rea is one of my friend in Indonesia, I believe she will not sending me this kind of link ๐Ÿ™‚

Since the sender was using yahoo account, so it is possible for us to detect the original IP address where they come from.

How to Check Email Sender IP Address

9. Now after knowing the email sender IP address, let's find out more about this IP address by whois-ing here using my tools, or you can visit to check about that email sender IP address. Here is the result:

How to Check Email Sender IP Address


1. From the three free email provider above, we know that the format of email header is depend on which provider we use to send that email.

2. If you send email from Gmail and Windows Live Hotmail they will hide the email sender IP address.

3. If you send email from Yahoo the recipient of your email can know your ip address.

I hope you found this post useful ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • tohid

    Hi my dude.I read your ways to extract sender ip addresses.this ip’s that shown in special parts in headers are not sender real ip.most of them are related to google or yahoo servers.I checked approximately tens of various my received emails.

    • v4L


      only if the sender was from you can view the sender ip address

      • tohid

        I remember your third conclution in this post.I checked most of my inbox emails which was from @yahoo but none of them were real IP.
        to ensure that I sent one email to myself,nevertheless values shown in Header wasnt same real value.

        • v4L


          hmm…maybe yahoo already change it…

  • tohid

    I remember your third conclusion.I checked most of my email inbox that i received from but none of them were real IP address.
    for ensure that i sent one email to myself and I analysed Header content but related IP was not my real IP shown in command prompt.

    • matt4him

      its fine in cmd that is your private ip yahoo shows you your public you can get your public by googling “what is my ip” public ip’s can be useful but private ip’s are useless outside of your internet

  • Rahman

    Thanks for the tutorial.
    Is it possible to find out someone’s verified mobile number of a gmail account?

  • Jim

    Actually, if the SENDER is from yahoo, it still works.

    I will be under :
    Received: from [] by via HTTP;

    Original sender’s ip is between the brackets.

    As you mentioned though, if the message was sent from either hotmail or gmail, there is nothing to do. It is routed to their own server before being sent to the recipient.

    In other words, every single email is “sent” from them (their server), and not from the original poster’s location.

    • v4L


      On yahoo you will get the original IP poster location, you will get their public IP address. If what you expect is sender private IP address, my answer is almost “impossible” since most router used by ISP they blocked the HTTP_X_FORWARDED and use the router instead.

      If you work in a company and they use their own SMTP server with custom domain, you can give a try to check whether you can get the sender private IP or not. Most small and middle class company they not configure and block the HTTP_X_FORWARDED so you can see their private IP.

  • GT

    Let’s take this to the next level and turn the ip address into a street address.