How to Hacking WAN Internet by Using Public Dynamic IP Address

How to Hacking WAN Internet by Using Public Dynamic IP Address


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I have another request tutorial about how to set up an attack via WAN / Internet. This guy asking how to set up an attack when he only have a 3G internet modem, as you know that maybe some 3G internet modem will use a public dynamic IP address(the ip address will change dynamically).

Actually I can't write the tutorial very detailed(with screenshot) because now I didn't use the 3G modem but I already try it when I was in Indonesia, but I will try harder to make you can understand what i want to convey in this article. ๐Ÿ™‚

Requirements :

1. DynDNS account (click here to register)

2. Internet Modem with public dynamic IP address.

Step by Step :

1. Log in to your DynDNS account, then click on "Add Zone/Domain Services" (click here).

How to Hacking WAN Internet by Using Public Dynamic IP Address

2. Then the next step you need to choose the sub domain name from dyndns(because we use the free one) and then fill the rest of that form(click here)

How to Hacking WAN Internet by Using Public Dynamic IP Address

Information :

Hostname --> just fill the name you want to use.

Service type --> choose host with IP address(because you use dynamic IP).

IP Address --> In example above I'm using IP address of,
but you can fill it with your own ip(see the red box) that already detected by
the system. If you still unsure about your IP, you can view how to check my public IP address.

When everything was set up successfully, just click the "Add to Cart" button.

3. In the next step, you can check your order in this form, if everything was correct just click "Proceed to Checkout" button.

How to Hacking WAN Internet by Using Public Dynamic IP Address

4. Click "Activate Services" button if you want to activate the service right now.

How to Hacking WAN Internet by Using Public Dynamic IP Address

5. Everything has been set up successfully, now you can check for the domain you just added before. When you go to this URL it should go to google website.

For the next step, you can refer to my other tutorial to set up the exploit server or anything there…

Hope it's useful ๐Ÿ™‚

FYI : Click here for the next tutorial about how to set up port redirecting in Windows to Linux or other machine.

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  • philip

    how do i install my 3g modem running mobile partner in backtrack 5 r2

  • joand

    hi can i use instead of ??

    • v4L

      as long as by using their service you can forward every request from their subdomain to our dynamic ip address, yes you can use it.

  • r12

    i have hostname with
    i try to use prorat but no notification
    i am using 3g modem
    i read docs in the prorat it says that in order to use pro connective i have to use wan ip as my local ip. this i my problem, i.e, my comp only has Lan ip (is it because my computer behind isp' router???)
    pls help

    • v4L

      So you can’t do that..except you buy a public ip for it

  • asif

    i set up exactly as you have shown here and the website is hosted from my ip address but itz only opening on my pc not publically. i am using a airtel usb 3g modem.

    • v4L

      if you can’t open from public, maybe your ip was inside your internet provider NAT. you can check your public IP via

  • Romeo

    Thank you so much for your tutorials.
    I really appreciated your devoted work in providing us with some valuable knowledge.

    About this tutorial, I can’t find the link where you explained how to use your created dyndns to set up the exploit server.

    Kind regards.

    • v4L

      I’ve already wrote it above : http://www./download/spi-port-forward-redirection-for-windows-to-another-port-ip-address/

  • aay

    thank you bro for your tutorial. I love it.
    Please clarify this is right or wrong:

    Combine with your other tutorial (SPI Port Forward), is it when people type it will goes to // and then with the SPI Port Forward it then goes to port 8080
    which is the attacker local IP who already set the listener in his backtrack.

    I appreciate your answer

    • v4L

      yep that’s right

  • humardosni

    can we use the same ip to connect back to netcat? i mean can we on victim os can we write this ip which redirects to our original ip?

  • shadow

    thank you for ur tutorials ….. is there a possibility to hack windows (xp,vista,7) via internet just using the victim’s ip ,, and do u have a good way to find the ip of someone who’s chatting with u on facebook ….

    thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Dxadmin

    i have a qustions ut of this Topic…
    can i set burpsuit proxy on my browser..which is running on other system outside wan…..will it work or need more thiks …..