Windows Keylogger Xenotix

Windows Keylogger Xenotix


Just surfing around and I saw a python windows keylogger Xenotix created by Ajin Abraham from You can give a try to this small tools and you can learn from this script about keylogger.

Name: Xenotix Python Windows Keylogger

Size: 5.79 KB

Credit: Ajin Abraham


Windows Keylogger Xenotix Features:

1. Store windows keylogger logs locally

2. Send windows keylogger logs to google forms

3. Send windows keylogger logs to email

4. Send windows keylogger logs to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server

Windows Keylogger Xenotix System Requirements:

1. Python 2.7:

2. pyHook Module:

3. pyrhoncom Module:

Windows Keylogger Xenotix

The creator of this script noted that we are free to copy, modify, reuse the source code for educational purpose only.

How to use Windows Keylogger Xenotix: mode

Lists of mode:

local: store the logs in a file [keylogs.txt]
remote: send the logs to a Google Form. You must specify the Form URL and Field Name in the script.
email: send the logs to an email. You must specify (SERVER,PORT,USERNAME,PASSWORD,TO).
ftp: upload logs file to an FTP account. You must specify (SERVER,USERNAME,PASSWORD,SSL OPTION,OUTPUT DIRECTORY).

Here is the video tutorial:

Hope you found it useful ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • raja

    hey how can i send keylogger’s server.exe in gmail…

    help me!!!!

    • bass

      use file binder .. combine a word or xls file with the server.exe and then send it via email.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rajiv kumar sharma

    But i don’t understand one thing, why should victim install python in his/her machine.