Hostname / IP Address Information + Geolocator Beta

Hostname / IP Address Information + Geolocator Beta


Type : Service

Level : Very Easy

If my previous post write about website / hostname information lookup, today I've also finished created Hostname / IP Address Information + Geolocator.

This service is designed to display information about Hostname or IP Address, and sometimes this service will be useful when you want to perform an "Information Gathering" phase.

This service also useful to do tracking about a server hostname or IP address about it's location and the time zone.


Feature :

1. Organization name

2. State / Province

3. City

4. Zipcode(for U.S and Canada only)

5. Timezone

6. Geographic information about the IP location(beta)

Please remember that this service is still in beta.

You can use this service for free without warranty. Please do not flood the service to keep it alive & free

example : /


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