Image Metadata Parser With GPS Location

Image Metadata Parser With GPS Location


This tool is called Image Metadata Parser With GPS Location, even it's only supported JPG/JPEG metadata, but it's nice enough to know whether our physical location can be tracked or not from our personal picture we upload to the internet.

Last week I watching BBC news and there is a tv documentary program about child predator (pedophilia) on the internet. The predator monitoring the kids activity from the image uploaded by the kids to the social media using their phone. This child predator parsing all the picture metadata uploaded by that kids in the social media and track their physical location. By default most android phones and apple iPhone turn on the geo-tag photos feature. The purpose of this geo-tag photos feature in my opinion maybe to help user remember the history from all of their photos (most of us maybe don't know in which place our 1 year old photo's taken ๐Ÿ™‚ ), but in other hand this feature also can be utilized by child predator.

The purpose of this tool is to detect JPG/JPEG image and find out all of the information contains in an image including the GPS location. You can upload and check your image here to know whether your image is exposing your privacy or not.

To use this tool, click "Choose image" and upload the image you want to parse/check.

Choose Image max 1.5MB


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Hope you found it useful ๐Ÿ™‚

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