5 Steps to Make your Browsing the Internet Activity “More” Secure

5 Steps to Make your Browsing the Internet Activity “More” Secure


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Happy new year everyone, hope your new year was great…I think you already make your own vision and resolution for this new year isn't it? To start this year, below I post a tips and trick about the little step to make your activity "more" secure….

Okay, now continue to the topic about surfing the internet activity "more" secure. Why I give this title not "Securing internet" or "really secure"? because from what I know, there's nothing secure while your computer connected to the internet, so the most relevant way was to make it "more" secure, but not 100% secure…at least we can minimalize the security threat ๐Ÿ™‚

Step by Step :

1. Make a Different Password

Doesn't mean that you should make a different password for every website you've visited, because for normal people, they cannot remember too many password in their head. Try to prioritize which one is important and which one is not to important. Let's see explanation below :

5 Steps to Make your Browsing the Internet Activity "More" Secure

Try to make different password for important and not important one. In the example if you treat GMail and Yahoo as important, you can make the same password for it. It's better to make different password for your social network and your e-mail, let's say your facebook account has been compromised the attacker can't access your e-mail and you're still able to restore your facebook account.


2. Social Network Website and E-Mail

I think there's so many people using a lot of variation social network such as facebook, twitter, etc, and also free e-mail service such as gmail, yahoo, live mail, etc. One thing you should remember that they also provide a secure HTTP service to make every connection secured. Make sure to check whether the website you visited that need authentication provide a https connection or not, if they provide https connection for login, make sure put https:// in the front of the address e.g  : https://facebook.com.

5 Steps to Make your Browsing the Internet Activity "More" Secure  5 Steps to Make your Browsing the Internet Activity "More" Secure

note : this will work only for website that provide https connection.


3. Separate the Browser While Surfing Internet

This step also very important step to minimize the security threat. Sometimes when you open Facebook, Twitter, or other social network website you can't stay static on that page, usually you start to surf around other website while waiting. While you surf the internet there's so many infected website or harmful website that use your active session to do such bad things.

Try to install minimum 2 type of browser(e.g : Firefox and Google Chrome) and choose which browser will use for opening Facebook, Twitter, GMail, Yahoo, etc and the other browser will be used for surfing all the website without limitation.

5 Steps to Make your Browsing the Internet Activity "More" Secure

5 Steps to Make your Browsing the Internet Activity "More" Secure


4. Be Careful While Using Proxy (Free Proxy Service)

Yep this is the 4th step you can do, some people using proxy to make their connection faster because they need to hide it from their internal network bandwidth limiter or access some website that blocked by government or by administrator in office/schools. Especially for free proxy services you should be careful, because you never know which computer you connect to and which data they collecting. If you using proxy services and there's an authentication, make sure you use https connection. For example in my place Facebook and Twitter was blocked, so I should use proxy and authenticate using https connection. It's better not using proxy for website that need authentication but that website didn't provide secure connection(https).


5. Always Update Your Browser

This is the last, but there's still many steps you can do besides this 5 steps in this blog. Make sure your browser always up to date, because they usually fixing a security hole in your browser. It's better to prevent than give a medicine ๐Ÿ™‚

5 Steps to Make your Browsing the Internet Activity "More" Secure

That's it for the 5 steps to make your browsing the internet activity more secure….

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