5 Useful Things in Backtrack Linux

5 Useful Things in Backtrack Linux


I'm trying to write 5 Useful Things in Backtrack Linux. Please check it below.

1. About user name and password

Backtrack use root for the username and toor for the password. You should provide it at the first time login in your first time installation.

2. startx command.

Don't shocked if you see the black screen with command only when you use backtrack. Backtrack designed to use command line, but if you want to enable the window, you can type startx command after you log in.

3. Metasploit Framework

The most famous tools in Backtrack is Metasploit framework, this tools is used for penetration testing into vulnerable system. You can go to metasploit framework by typing /pentest/exploits/framework3/msfconsole, and there's also /pentest/exploits/framework2/msfconsole.

4. Log Out

In Backtrack, you cannot restart or shutdown your computer from X-Window. One thing you can do when you finish use backtrack from X-Window is Log Out. To do this, click the Dragon icon at the bottom left of your Backtrack and then Click Log Out.

5. Shutdown, Restart

When you finish use the X-Windows, you will be inside the terminal again.

To shutdown your Backtrack : poweroff

To restart your Backtrack : reboot

That's it…very simple right?just try it yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Deep

    Thanks for the info ..!! any new comer will be very helpful ..!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • dani

    how to hack facebook account on bactrack other netwrk plz tell me

    • v4L


  • Nisha

    When using backtrack wireshark not capturing the packets

    • v4L

      did you use wireless, hub or switch? if you use switch, yes absolutely it can’t.

  • jayaram

    hai sir dis is jayaram
    i am regular visitor of ur site
    ur really doing asom work
    but we guys need main backtrack tools tutorials
    mostly ur post with msf
    we need more and more tutorials using other tools too in bt5
    plz reply me @ my mail sir
    i hope u do soo

    • v4L

      thanks for your input…

  • Ola! Galera, gostaria de saber se e possivel efetuar um Shutdown em um PC Xp remoto, qual e o comando.

  • tekila

    will shutdown/poweroff the system asap

    • v4L

      btw halt and poweroff/shutdown both comand will turn off the computer, but the way they turn off the system was different. poweroff/shutdown command finally will also execute the halt command. Run this command is depend on what is your system running for; e.g: if you run Oracle database, you could lose transactions or even mangle the database if you use halt command. It’s better to use shutdown/poweroff, but if you tried shutdown and hung up, then you can use halt better than turning off the power switch, at least attempt to sync the disks which is better than nothing.

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