Detect Fake Facebook Profile Picture

Detect Fake Facebook Profile Picture


How to detect fake facebook profile picture? Some people use fake facebook profile to hack facebook account. Maybe some of you asking about this topics, because sometimes fake people on facebook is a little bit annoying, especially when they started posting a post in our timeline or in their timeline and displayed in our home as recent posts.

The fake facebook profile sometimes used by malicious people to gain information about ourselves, this fake facebook profile often used by internet predators to cheat the victim about their real picture and they started gain benefit from the situation.

Step by step detect fake facebook profile picture:

1. Open facebook profile that we suspect he/she use a fake profile or fake profile picture. In this example I also have one suspect where she just create a facebook account, but her friend list was rocketing in a day.

Detect Fake Facebook Profile

2. To detect fake facebook profile we need the help from Google images (

Drag the suspected fake facebook profile picture to Google images search page.

Detect Fake Facebook Profile

3. Google images will automatically search the image we provided.

Detect Fake Facebook Profile

If we found that the image result more than one, then we will know that this user maybe using the fake facebook profile picture and probably he/she also use fake facebook profile.


1. Since google also use its algorithm to search the images, this method also does not guarantee 100% accuracy whether the facebook profile fake or not.

2. To detect fake facebook profile you also can view the suspect timeline and view his/her timeline story. Usually fake profile will not stay longer, and they add their friend massively.

hope it useful 🙂

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