How To Change Screen Resolution in Backtrack 5 (Updated!!)

How To Change Screen Resolution in Backtrack 5 (Updated!!)


Finally I finished downloading this O.S 🙂 but I have a problem How To Change Screen Resolution in Backtrack 5. The step below is how to solve the prob

The first thing I check for the new Linux O.S run virtually is the Screen Resolution. The most common thing you do when you want to change screen resolution is go to /etc/X11/xorg.conf. But in this Backtrack 5 you will find nothing.

FYI : see my previous tutorial to change previous version of backtrack screen resolution

So…how to change the Backtrack 5 screen resolution?

Step by Step How To Change Screen Resolution in Backtrack 5:

1. Open your terminal (CTRL + ALT + T)

2. Choose your favorite text editor (I prefer to use pico) and then open /usr/share/xresprobe/xorg.conf

How To Change Screen Resolution in Backtrack 5


How To Change Screen Resolution in Backtrack 5

3. in the picture above, there’s line says Modes "1024×768" , just change the 1024×768 to your desired screen resolution.

You should remember that if you change the value, you should change all of the entire Mode value to your desired screen resolution.

When you finish, press CTRL+O (to save) and then CTRL+X (to exit pico).

4. The next step is you need to log out by clicking the human logo at top right of your screen

How To Change Screen Resolution in Backtrack 5

5. To get into your X just type startx from your shell.

6. Your screen now should be change to the new resolution.

Hope this helps you 🙂


UPDATES (Works 100%):

1. On VirtualBox, click VirtualBox Guest Additions.

How To Change Screen Resolution in Backtrack 5


How To Change Screen Resolution in Backtrack 5

3. Do the from step 2 above tutorials(change your /usr/share/xresprobe/xorg.conf)

4. Reboot your Machine

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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  • psychedelic supernova

    Go to system > preferences > monitors and change resolution…hope this helps…

    • v4L

      thanks for your comment…but if you run your BT5 in your virtual box or another virtual machine, there’s only 1 choice 800x600px in drop down menu …

  • I am having the same problem, I am using VirtualBox and I can't access another monitor type so I can't change the default resolution of 800×600. Do you know how can you change the monitor or device type to other than Generic Device. I know how to do this on RedHat  or Centos but I can't find it on this Distro ?????

  • helloo…..
    pleaseee,,,,,my display not change to 1028×720….
    im use this tutorial,,,,,but nut run,,,,,
    U can help me..?? :'(

  • NOTICE: this will only work with BT5 Gnome…(it worked for me) But BT5 KDE ……S**T wount work…. can anyone help?? for some reason, the xorg.conf!!!!

  • I follow all the steps and this doesn't work in BT 5 with GNOME.

    See the screenshot:

    Any other idea?

    • v4L

      Hmm…I’m still have no other idea…another comments maybe?

  • vs

    I follow all the steps and this doesn’t work in BT 5 with GNOME.

    See the screenshot:

    Any other idea?

    i have this problem too
    please help

  • Arthur

    Same problem I have now… Had some problems installing Nvidia 280.13 drivers, but Now looks everything is ok BUT NOT the resolution. I have LG 2486l 24inc monitor, connected with DVI cable, Resolution have to be 1920X1080 60hz (59), BUT now is options to choose: 640×480 640×400 640×350 ….and till 320×175 MAX is 640×480 and 50hz, not 60 anymore.
    I tried to to edit /usr/share/xresprobe/xorg.conf    and change to 1920×1080 nothing happend…
    please help 🙂

    • v4L

      #Arthur, and all guys who had commented and try this tutorial but not worked
      I have already update the tutorial, please view it…hope your screen resolution worked 🙂
      give comment or answer, maybe I can help you again…

  • Jordi

    Done that in GNOME – without Virtual Box, don’t know if it makes any difference- and everytime I restart BT5 gets back to 800×600. Any new suggestions?


    • v4L

      hmm…if you didn’t use VirtualBox it should be no problem…have you try the step 2 to 3

  • Freak

    Just run in safemode evrytime while booting.That should fix the resolution thing.if the above one is not working for you and you really need desired res.

    • v4L

      Thanks man for your suggestion…hope it help out the other who still didn’t work…

  • Jordi

    Yes, done that. Didn't work. Just changed to regular Ubuntu again. All that sort of issues in BT5 were not worthy.
    Thanks anyway!

  • TKey

    For VirtualBox, just install the guest additions,reboot and you will be fine with your screen resolution settings.

    • Tiwiex

      Men, that just did the trick. Damn. I feel like a genius. Thanks to you.

  • Very helpful & precise.
    Dhananjay Rokde

  • In Backtrack 5 R2,
    How to resize & change resolution to 1600×900
    My default resolution changes automatically to 1152×864 with refresh rate 0 Hz as shown by the "KRandRTray (Screen Resize & Rotate)" app.

    I tried the method specified here, but to vain.

    Could you please guide me in changing my BT5 R2 resolution to 1600×900?
    My Monitor supports max. of 1600×900.
    Current Resolution: 1152×864
    Changed "/usr/share/xresprobe/xorg.conf" file. Replaced all the modes 1024×768 to 1600×900 in the file.
    **NOTE: I'm using BT5 R2 installed directly in HDD. No virtual machines used.

    • v4L

      Hmm actually I’ve never try installing bt in hdd, but maybe you can try to search for xorg.conf in your system folder. Or maybe any other one can give their experience here?

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't work for me.
    Clicking "Install Guest Additions" won't do anything in my case.
    Any solution?

    • v4L

      try to upgrade your virtualbox then…

  • anonymous

    hi vl4,
    i have installed bt5r2 on HDD and facing the problem that “monitor” not detected….and when i open xorg.conf i found Modes “1024×768″…..but my resolution is 800×600…..n my graphics chipset is VIA unichrome s3 pro……….please help me out………….^^

    • v4L

      hmm it should be detected by default, but sorry i can’t answer it..maybe anyone here?

  • MattS1984

    I don't know if you'll know the answer but I am having similar problems. Have BT5r2 running in VB 4.1.18. Installed Guest Additions and have several 4:3 resolutions available but no 16:9 (especially 1920×1080). I tried what you said above and changed all Depth Modes to 1920×1080, rebooted several times, confirmed file is updated but still do not have the resolution. I found on one site to increase Video Mem to 128 which I did but still no luck. Any other ideas?

    • v4L

      LoL your guess was correct 😛 …did you already try to update your guest additions?
      fyi : I didn’t have that resolution on my PC, so I can’t check for it 😀 sorry man

  • SwitchMan

    with KDE click start->settings->system settings->display and monitor (but that’s on backtrack don’t know if other linux distribs have that too^^)

  • asd

    users are having screen resolution prolems with 64 bit version,

    • v4L

      sorry m8, I try it using 32bit…btw how if you use virtualbox guest addition update?it remains the same?

  • Red-bug007

    It’s Working But is not very Good !

  • Fopke

    i did wat you did there and now its no booteble medium found with oracle….
    thanks alot lol good thing its a virtual machine :S

  • Arthur

    just try change cable to vga if its possible, helped to me.

  • GOR

    no need to go thru all that Roller-coster ride!
    Just go into Terminal n type: xrandr -s 1366×768 [or watever resolution u want].
    That’ll do !

  • GOR

    We can also try: Go to system > preferences > monitors and change resolution

  • manque d’expliquation j’ai mal compris comment changer la resolution

  • BrianBlaze

    @siramose konino Tu as besoin d’aller au:


    puis changer les paramètres de la vieux 1024X768 a qu’est-ce que tu vieux (pour moi 1366X768)

    I have tried both editing the file and doing:
    xrandr -s 1366×768
    Size index 1366 is too large, there are only 2 sizes

    What the heck!? I know it sees both my integrated and external gpu… I have never had this work but I still love BT and will use it anyways haha

  • django

    I’m using BackTrack 5 R3 GNOME 64 on my laptop with virtual box.
    I installed the guest additions.
    I changed the file xorg.conf
    I also tried xrandr -s 1366×768 but nothing works.
    I can only use 4:3 res but no 16:9…
    I had the same problem with Ubuntu 12.10, now solved but not in BackTrack so does anybody have an idea? thx

  • Sverre

    Perfect, thanks works!

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  • it did not work for me 🙁

  • benny

    Thank you, worked like a charm!

  • ejeh

    i install backtrack5 r3 on windows 7 34bit i saw this two error the panel encountered a problem while loading


    the panel encountered a problem while loading


    any help on that???

    • egeg

      why do you use r3

  • Thanks worked perfectly

  • Neopras

    Worked, thanks!

  • Tiwiex

    The virtual box worked for me. I am 3 years late I guess.