How to Enable the Network in Kali Linux Virtual Box?

How to Enable the Network in Kali Linux Virtual Box?


How to enable the network in Kali Linux Virtual Box, I brought this simple tips and trick, because some users asking about it, because by default some of the Virtual Box when you try to connect to the internet maybe it can’t.

If you want to see the tutorial how to install Kali Linux in Virtual Box, you can view here

Step by step enable the network in Kali Linux:

This is the preview of my ip address before I make some change.

How to Enable the Network in Kali Linux Virtual Box?

1. Open your Kali Linux Virtual Box like this. Click “Devices” menu and choose “Network Adapters“.

How to Enable the Network in Kali Linux Virtual Box?

2. Now the new window to set up the Kali Linux Virtual Box will open.

3. By default the network adapter is attached to NAT. You need to change it to Bridged adapter.

How to Enable the Network in Kali Linux Virtual Box?

4. The next step you need to choose which network interface you want to bridged to. If your network interface have more than one (e.g: 2 LAN port, 1 wireless, etc) it will show here. Just choose which network interface you want to bridged to. Because the one connected to internet is my wireless card, then I choose wireless network adapter.

How to Enable the Network in Kali Linux Virtual Box?

5. After I make the change, I get the IP address directly from the network not from the Virtual Box adapter. Here is the result.

How to Enable the Network in Kali Linux Virtual Box?

Notes :

Your default wireless network cannot be used while you are using Virtual Box. If you want to use wireless network in your Virtual Box, you can use the wireless usb card, then the virtual machine can detect it.

Hope you found it useful ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • KalixS

    I posted this print screen to see what is my result i turn on Fern wifi cracker and need choose interface No interface wifi result .

    • v4L

      your onboard wifi cannot used by virtualbox. you need to use USB wifi card.
      take a look to this Virtualbox FAQ

      • Rizwan Khan

        i installed linux yesterday on vmware workstation. it is connected to internet but not showing. when i click the wireless icon it doesnot show the available networks. What should i do? kindly help me

  • KalixS

    Now i have windows 8 if i remove windows and i install kali linux maybe is work my wifi onboard card?I want you advice  i dont want to unistal windows and them onboard device send me same error with internet wifi.Thanks very much.

    • v4L


      you can use Wireless in VirtualBox if and only you use the wireless USB, not the onboard wireless card.

  • Dimon

    Virtual Box is useless. I have Alfa card with Atherous chipset and it recognised but not supported by vbox. I’ve got vmware and it works like a charm.

    • v4L


      Thanks for your information ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Grey

      now it is supported. 3 years ago i was like you and i moved to vmware

  • simnasnk

    i installed kaali linux on my hard drive with dualboot system(windows7 and kaali)
    on my windows 7 i can acces wirless network
    my driver is Realtek wirless driver

    but when i open kaalilinux > Aircrack-ng
    its showng no interface

    how can configure this

    i am using toshiba i3 processor

    • v4L


      you must have a usb wireless, not onboard wi-fi

      • simnas

        ok i bought new alfa

        i dont have any wirless connection

        its possible to crack someone wifi without connect any network

        if yes which one good? reaver , comnview, airmon.

        • v4L


          possible if the wi-fi was vulnerable and they use the weak encryption.

  • champi

    can you recommend usb wifi card that you know kali on VB does recognize ?

    that would be great help

    • v4L


      you can give try to alfa wireless

  • sekhar

    i have atheros AR9485 adapter but it is not showing in the drop down list when i selected bridged adapter

    • abhishek saurav

      you need to buy one.

      • you compact bastard

        He said he has one but it’s not showing up, how did you not understand. He doesn’t “need to buy one” he has one.

        • Burakcan Duzcan

          virtualbox doesn’t work with those, abhishek is right

    • Ismael Omar

      same here: i have atheros AR9271 and i can’t find in the drop down list

  • Matthew Barnard

    Thanks. However, I am unsure as how to get Kali to identify my wifi as actual wifi rather than a wired connection so I can use wifite and such programs. Will it also work as a sniffer? Thanks and great tutorial!

  • AbDun NaBi

    Dude am using WMware player how can i ENABLE my wifi connection as i recently installed kali.

    • lencar29

      From the VMware player “Player” drop down menu select “Removable Devices”. Then choose your USB wireless adapter. Finally connect to this device. Accept the fact you’ll be disconnecting from the host and you’re good to go.

      • AbDun NaBi

        Thanks bro.

      • meng leang

        I don’t have USB adapter wifi
        is there any other way ?

  • mansoyo

    well i use compat wireless tar file unpack loaded and i was able to use my onboard card on mon mode aith aircrack , airmon-ng airodump-ng mon etc.. but the thing is on the monitoring on mon0 i dont get any other but my own network , i also got a belking usb adapter that supports b,g,n but when i set up the airmon-ng or airmon-zc it recognizes great and even activates mon mode but it would not scan the networks but it does scan on iwlist scan , the driver listed is 8712u i check the /lib/firmware ls and the driver is there what is the problem i will post the screen shots in a second post

  • Siddek

    yes its working,thanks a lot for great post..

  • Grateful boy

    Thank you very much!!!
    Exelent tutorial.

  • Dinesh Akon Arul

    but andriod x86 not work

  • Kevin Yeung

    So if I running it from my Macbook Air, VirtualBox , Kali. I have to use addition USB network card ?

  • Shay Riphunter Flame

    Can you just use your wireless card built in your laptop… or do you need to buy a wireless USB adapter

  • Mike Jones

    i just installed 2016.2 Kali on Virtual Box, The connection works with my bridged adapter, But when I installed Kali, I could not get the mirrors to run, Does my actual IP address show when I’m using the web or does it provide a mask. I could use the “host adapter only” and bridge it through my adapter, but pretty sure it would still be running from same IP info .

  • amaan abass

    can i use any wifi adapter usb rwply soon

  • amaan abass

    can i use anyone usb adaptor or i have to buy recomended one

  • saad

    okay so ..when I keep it as nat the internet works in virtual box ..but when its bridged adapter it doesnt ..and the ip shows something like 10.**.**.*** when on nat and something like 192.**.**.*** ..I want it to stay 192….. and the internet to work ..but it doesnt ๐Ÿ˜ please help

  • Ajit

    I have two NIC in Kali but only one running, if i start second NIC than first automatically off why? in virtual box how to enable both NIC in KALI LINUX

  • Don Corleone

    Thank you so much so much rubbish on the internet with stuff that doesn’t even work yet your simple soloution helped thanks alot.

  • suomynona

    yeah im not so sure about that..

  • Smbat Voskanyan

    I have Realtek rtl8188ce adapter in my laptop and successfully setuped bridged adapter in my virtual box. But when I type airmon-ng in my kali terminal it says ls: cannot access ‘/sys/class/ieee80211/’ : No such file or directory. How can I fix it?