How to Find Another Website from Shared Hosting

How to Find Another Website from Shared Hosting


Today my website was down around 10:00AM until 10:30PM approximately. When I’m trying to open my website, it was not responding and can’t open at all. When I’m trying to open my other website on the same hosting it appears the same “Error Establishing Database Connection“. I think someone was compromise my website and all of the database ๐Ÿ˜› . I’LL explain later how this error appears on my website.

On a shared web hosting the host assigns each of the website a space on their HDD and all the websites have to share the same Hard Disks Drive Space, RAM, Bandwidth. This is why you might be experiencing frequent downtimes on your website, This happens when the other website utilizes a major part of the server resources assigned to all the websites.

Below is the step by step you can do to find website that hosted on your shared hosting.

1. Go to this website :

or you can also use my tools for Reverse DNS Lookup here

2. In remote address box, enter your domain name. e.g :

3. Click Check.

4. You can see the result have bunch of another website that hosting in the same IP Address. If there’s a popular website with huge amount of traffic then probably that’s the one causing you the downtime.

5. You can then request your host to move your website to another machine, maybe they can do it for you free.

So, how about the “Error Establishing Database Connectionerror message?

When I check the other website in same shared hosting with my website, I found that all of that website also have the same “error establishing database connection“…. so from this case I can make conclusion that something wrong with the database at hosting server.

hope you enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚

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