How to Protect Image Hotlink in cPanel

How to Protect Image Hotlink in cPanel


What is hotlink? Hotlink is the situation when someone directly use your resource in the internet especially picture or video, so it can exhaust your bandwidth. People says that hotlinking is bandwidth theft, especially for them who only have maybe 4-8 gigs in a month for their webhosting. Below I’m try to write the step by step how to protect your websites from hotlink in cPanel.
1. Login to your cPanel administration area.

2. Choose the HotLink protection menu.

HotLink protection menu

3. Inside the hotlink menu :

hotlink protection menu

– you should input your desired URL that allowed to hotlink to your images

– Choose what kind of extension that you don’t allowed to hotlink

Click Enable (in this picture I have already enable that option)

4. You also can redirect the user that entered the URL directly to the specified address.

5. When someone open URL e.g : it will be blocked.

Hope it helps you 🙂

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