How to Set up Armitage on Backtrack 5R2(BT5R2)

How to Set up Armitage on Backtrack 5R2(BT5R2)


Type : Tips and Trick (How to Set up Armitage on Backtrack 5R2)

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Actually this How to Set up tutorial was wrote for Backtrack 5 R2 users who still didn't know how to start Armitage on their Backtrack machine.

if you have an older version of backtrack, you also can view the tutorial here :

Set up Armitage on Backtrack 5

Set up Armitage on Backtrack 4R2

Requirements :

1. Backtrack 5 R2

2. Armitage(already included on your BT5R2 package)

Step by Step How to Set up Armitage on Backtrack 5R2:

1. According to Armitage website :

Armitage comes with BackTrack Linux 5r2. The latest Armitage release requires BackTrack 5r2. 5r0 and 5r1 are out! If you uinstall Metasploit (hint: /path/to/metasploit/uninstall) and reinstall with the Metasploit installer, then you may use any version of BackTrack that you want.

So if you update and upgrade your Armitage from your previous version of Backtrack, you need to reinstall your Metasploit to the latest version 4.3 and uninstall your previous Metasploit version.

2. Open up your terminal by pressing CTRL + ALT + T

3. Type msfupdate command, we do an update first to make sure we got the latest package both Metasploit or Armitage.

4. When update process finished, type armitage on your terminal and it will show up a pop up dialog window to connect to your Armitage.

How to Set up Armitage on Backtrack 5R2(BT5R2)

5. Just click connect button there and Armitage will start initialization of the program.

How to Set up Armitage on Backtrack 5R2(BT5R2)

6. And then on last the last step, your Armitage window will show up.

How to Set up Armitage on Backtrack 5R2(BT5R2)

Hope it's useful ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • PhoenixRunning

    I’m having issues getting Armitage to start. the applet starts but during the “progress” window I am stuck with the following msg “ connection reset”. The progress bar fills up and then the applet closes without starting the Armitage console.

    • v4L

      Sorry I can’t answer your question…maybe others here can help him?

  • Eradz

    Check your default port your using to connet with. I had to change my port to 3000. Dont forget to launch your msfconsole.

  • Eradz

    Found something even better, run the command netstat -antp and look for your postgres listening port.

    • v4L

      Thanks for your tips ๐Ÿ™‚

  • In my Backtrack 5 R2 after 5th step it can’t show the Armitage window . It exit after step 5..Plzz Help.

    • v4L

      maybe you can try to update your armitage + metasploit framework by running msfupdate and try again.

  • Eradz


    Do you get an error or no window at all after you try to connect?

  • Someone

    When i try to update metasploit after xx min showup this :
    conflict discovered in '/opt/metasploit/msf3/lib/msf/util/exe.rb
    what is the problem and how can i fix it ?

  • Someone

    Also it took to long time for updating.

    • v4L

      you can try to update the svn;
      go to /opt/metasploit/msf3/ folder and run svn up command to update the metasploit framework