How to View Hidden Files or Directory Permanently

How to View Hidden Files or Directory Permanently


How to View Hidden Files or Directory Permanently in Windows XP


How to view hidden files in Windows 7

"What is the advantage to view my hidden files or my system files?"

Virus usually hiding themselves into a hidden files or sometimes system files, sometimes a virus will hide your important file or even change your data into hidden files and also system files. Below is step by step how to see your hidden files or system files in Windows.

Guide :

attrib (attribute)

+ (Sets an attribute)

(Clears an attribute)

H (Hidden Files)

S (System Files)

/S (Processes matching files in the folders and subfolders)

/D (Processes folders as well)

1. To guide you how to view the hidden files or folder step-by-step I have created downloadable file below(I guarantee that there's no virus inside)

2. Extract the file and Click Run(or using a shortcut you can view here) and call command prompt (view here)

3. Go into the folder(how to go inside a folder) and type dir. You can see nothing, because the file is hidden, this is the typical ways virus hidden our files when our computer is infected.

4. The format to unhide files

attrib -H filename

5. The format to unhide folder+files

attrib -H /S /D foldername

6. To hide files, simply change the -(clears an attribute) to +(add an attribute) following by H or S

attrib +H filename

attrib +H /S /D foldername

7 Try yourself 🙂 this is easy isn't?

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