How Two Users Logging in Windows 7 or XP in the Same Time? Concurrent Session

How Two Users Logging in Windows 7 or XP in the Same Time? Concurrent Session


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Windows Professional and Ultimate editions come with a built in Remote Desktop feature that allows you to access your machine remotely while you are away from home or the office. Unfortunately, it’s limited by default to only one concurrent user per one session, it’s meaning that if someone remotely connect to the computer, anyone who was logged in at the moment will be automatically logged off, even when the user is physically at the computer.

This is not a technical limitation but rather a licensing one. Case in point, Remote Desktop in server editions of Windows by default supports two concurrent connections to remotely troubleshoot or administer a computer. More users can connect simultaneously, too, as long as the machine can handle it with the resources it has available and you have the required client access licenses for that particular server.

However, there are a few reasons why concurrent sessions would come in handy for power users not necessarily running a server. For example, if you have a dedicated Media Center PC running in the living room, you’ll be able to remotely access all files on the machine without interrupting the person watching TV.

Or if you are sharing a computer with other users, concurrent Remote Desktop sessions will allow more than one person use that system under a different or even the same user account, without kicking each other off. By patching a file called termsrv.dll, located in %SystemRoot%\System32\, this is possible in all editions of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Requirements :

1. UniversalTermsrvPatch_20090425 (download here)

Step-by-Step :

1. Download the patch from the link above and run it using administration rights.

2. After that a new window will show up. There’s a button to patch your Termserv.dll to make it accept concurrent remote desktop session.

3. When you click the patch button, a pop up will appear, told you that the patch applied successfully.

4. I’ve try to connect 2 users (windows 7 and backtrack 5 r3) using remote desktop and 1 users active on the desktop (total 3 users). here’s the screenshot.

5. The active user was not logging out even there’s another user connected to its using the remote desktop.

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  • sundeep

    thanks for the awesome thread
    i have bt5r3 on my virtual pc how can I login

    • v4L


  • sundeep

    thanks for the reply
    i can login and use bt5r but I want to login to bt from windows macine as you did in the above screenshot
    i successful logged in on my virtual machine with 2 users at the same time but i want to login to bt as you did.
    the third user bt from the above screenshot
    after getting a meterpreter session on target machine
    i execute the following for example
    run getgui -u vishnu -p password
    i uploaded the above patch and .reg file and executed it on the target machine
    regedit.exe /s xp.reg on target
    i want to login with user vishnu to target with the  target user logging off from his machine
    i tested the above on my virtual machine i succeeded i want to do the samething on target
    hope you understand my question please reply…
    thank you…

    • v4L

      my Backtrack in the picture above is connected to windows, the “bt” is only my backtrack hostname(i use the default one root@bt).
      maybe what you mean is change the hostname so it’s displaying some name in the remote computer?
      let me know if my thought is wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sundeep

    yeah that's right i wonna connect to my backtrack which is hosted in oracle virtal machine from my windows xp (btw i too use the default one root@bt)
    when i tried to connect to backtrack on remote desktop from my windows xp
    it does nt connect it throws a error the computer cannot connect the remote computer.

    • v4L

      if what you mean 1 user account and you want to use it remotely simultaneous (2 users) I haven’t try it.
      in my screenshot above, I create 3 users on victim computer :
      the 1st : Vishnu Valentino (default victim)
      the 2nd : Valentino (created by attacker)
      the 3rd : v4L (created by attacker)
      and then I connect to this victim computer using backtrack rDesktop and from another windows 7 using RDP

  • anonymous

    i cant download the patch …….