Shutdown Windows 7 Remotely

Shutdown Windows 7 Remotely


When you read the title, Shutdown Windows 7 Remotely, you may have been reminded of the infamous Windows 2000 shutdown feature. I remember back during my bachelor when it came time for computer class to begin, a shutdown war would start among the students by typing:

shutdown <ip_address> /y /c "Hey quick type shutdown /a to prevent this shutdown…LoL"

Other students could shutdown your computer remotely no matter what you were doing. I always kept my shutdown /a batch script on my desktop to prevent this attack.

I'm using two operating systems for this tutorial, the first is Windows 7, and the other computer name is VishnuValentino on Virtual Box. I will show you how to shutdown the one on Virtual Box.


1. Command Prompt

2. Remote computer's credentials (don't ask for shortcut to get credentials, there are other tutorials for that on this blog.)

Step by step how to Shutdown Windows 7 Remotely:

1. Open up our command prompt (RUN and type cmd) and type shutdown /? to view the help file and knowing available switch.

C:\>shutdown /?
Usage: shutdown [/i | /l | /s | /r | /g | /a | /p | /h | /e] [/f]
    [/m \\computer][/t xxx][/d [p|u:]xx:yy [/c “comment”]]

    No args    Display help. This is the same as typing /?.
    /?         Display help. This is the same as not typing any options.
    /i         Display the graphical user interface (GUI).
               This must be the first option.
    /l         Log off. This cannot be used with /m or /d options.
    /s         Shutdown the computer.
    /r         Shutdown and restart the computer.
    /g         Shutdown and restart the computer. After the system is
               rebooted, restart any registered applications.
    /a         Abort a system shutdown.
               This can only be used during the time-out period.
    /p         Turn off the local computer with no time-out or warning.
               Can be used with /d and /f options.
    /h         Hibernate the local computer.
               Can be used with the /f option.
    /e         Document the reason for an unexpected shutdown of a computer.
    /m \\computer Specify the target computer.
    /t xxx     Set the time-out period before shutdown to xxx seconds.
               The valid range is 0-315360000 (10 years), with a default of 30.
               If the timeout period is greater than 0, the /f parameter is
    /c "comment" Comment on the reason for the restart or shutdown.
               Maximum of 512 characters allowed.
    /f         Force running applications to close without forewarning users.
               The /f parameter is implied when a value greater than 0 is
               specified for the /t parameter.
    /d [p|u:]xx:yy  Provide the reason for the restart or shutdown.
               p indicates that the restart or shutdown is planned.
               u indicates that the reason is user defined.
               If neither p nor u is specified the restart or shutdown is
               xx is the major reason number (positive integer less than 256).
               yy is the minor reason number (positive integer less than 65536).

2. To shutdown the remote computer we need to run the command:

shutdown /s /f /m \\VishnuValentino

But when we execute that code, we will receive the code: message Access is Denied.(5).


3. This is because we haven't authenticated our computer to use the resources on the remote computer. To fix this error and authenticate our computer, we must enter the remote computer's credentials:

NET USE \\<computer_name> <password> /USER:<user_name>

Here is the screenshot when I execute the command:


I put the double quotes around the username because it contained a space.

4. Now we have authenticated ourselves to the remote computer and can run the shutdown command. We can run the shutdown command from Step 2 or add another control switch. When we execute the shutdown command again, this is the result on the remote computer:


Here is the video how to shutdown windows 7 remotely.


1. To prevent this attack just run the command:

shutdown /a

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  • ss45

    what should i type if the other computer doesn’t has any password for the credentials part. ty

  • Avi

    hey pls help i want to learn hacking can you guide me…pls tell asap..

    • Al1


    • ggg

      haha lol

  • jailman

    The problem is if we wanna shutdown the remote computer,we have to know the password and username

    • //Nick

      Just use the kon-boot hack. Use a bootable usb.

  • Matthew Barnard

    I think most people are not understanding what this tutorial is about. He explicitly said that “(don’t ask for shortcut to get credentials, you can learn other tutorials from this blog how to get credentials as well)” No point in whining about it. And BTW this trick has been fantastically fun to play on my sisters.

  • daniel

    shutdown classmates computers… LOL

  • Euan

    Net use completes successfully but access denied(5) still appears, What am I doing wrong do you think? :c

  • notahacker

    this is really stupid. this is not hacking. that’s a built in windows command. UrDMB4reel

    • v4L

      This is not hacking because you want the fastest way….boost your brain and get the password first 🙂
      fyi: I put this article on “tips and trick” section and not “hacking” 🙂

      • vishnu

        Plz ansr me wat a computer password mean…whether it is the computer’s admin password or something else?…and also say me how to get it if the target computer has multiple accounts with password…

  • Eyo Eyo Honesty

    Hi, this stuff isn’t working on my system… I have auto enabled Remote Access Services on Windows 7. I am trying to run these commands on Windows 8 to shutdown Windows 7. The computer name of windows 7 is . The following code returns an error thus:
    “Eyo: The entered computer name is not valid or remote shutdown is not supported on the target computer. Check the name and then try again, or contact your system administrator (53).”

    What did I do wrong here please?
    Also, I went to Windows 7 command prompt and typed and I had a returned error message thus:
    ” ‘shutdown’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.”

    Please, why is this error and what can be done to remove this?
    Thank you!

  • Ajay

    If don’t have passoword of remote pc??
    Any way to obtain password or hack into a network pc

  • infoarc08

    No Name

  • Alon

    when i try to shutdown other computer on the library at my school i type their computer name and user (every computer has multiple users but none has password) and they got no password so i type
    NET USE \DOLEV-LIB2 /USER:”USER10″ and i get error 53 the network path was not found
    or error 1326 bad password or username. how do i get this fixed
    does all the computers connected in a net in our library? am i able to do it?

  • hackfab

    hello vishnu sir in my school there are more than 5 computer and i want took control on all of them plz help me .

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  • Alvin

    What if the computer doesn’t have a password?

  • guru bhardwaj

    it shows :::::

    The syntax of this command is:


    [devicename | *] [\computernamesharename[volume] [password | *]]


    [/USER:[dotted domain name]username]

    [/USER:[username@dotted domain name]



    [[/DELETE] | [/PERSISTENT:{YES | NO}]]

    NET USE {devicename | *} [password | *] /HOME


  • Mustafa Ahmadi

    my one doesn’t work and it says ” the network path was not found”,”system error 53 occured

  • Paul Martins

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  • wwwwwari

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