Windows 7 Chat How to

Windows 7 Chat How to


I believe many of you know the net send messenger service in Windows XP where between computer that running Windows XP can chat together using command prompt. This simple tips and tricks will explain about Windows 7 chat how to?

As we know that The Messenger Service is no longer supported from Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008; instead it was replaced with the old MSG.exe.

The Messenger Service was originally designed for use by system administrators to notify Windows users about their networks.


1. Command prompt

2. Windows Vista, Windows 7 or earlier Windows

Windows 7 Chat How to:

1. Because net send was no longer supported, we will use MSG.exe. We will find out the manual how to use MSG.exe by typing msg in our command prompt.

Windows 7 Chat How to

2. The basic command to send message is as follows

msg /SERVER:pc_name session_name your_message

3. To find out pc_name, we can open RUN and type control system

Windows 7 Chat How to

or you want other way more technical by using cmd script

systeminfo | findstr /B /C:"Host Name"

or you can download the following bat script to generate automatically session name and computer name and save it in a text file

Download bat script (only for subscriber)

4. So if I want to send a message containing "Hello" to my other computer named Win7-Pentest-PC

msg /SERVER:Win7-Pentest-PC Win7-Pentest Hello Hacking-tutorial

Here's the result:

Windows 7 Chat How to

5. To send the message with wildcard to all session name we can add * in session name so it become like this:

msg /SERVER:Win7-Pentest-PC * Hello Hacking-tutorial

6. To make the message appear for a specific time:

msg /SERVER:Win7-Pentest-PC Win7-Pentest /TIME:30 Hello Hacking-tutorial

the message will appear for 30 seconds.

View the Video:


1. If you found following error:

Error 5 getting session names

Open registry editor(RUN and type regedit), open HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Serve

Then change the following value:

Name : AllowRemoteRPC
Value : 1

Refresh regedit (click view > refresh) or restart PC.

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  • benjay274

    doesn’t work. says error 1722 getting session names

    • Samir

      Open your command prompt run below commannd
      systeminfo | findstr /B /C:”Host Name” –> It will return system name

      Host Name: SYSTEMNAME

      Then try this
      msg /SERVER:SYSTEMNAME * “Your computer is hacked”

      • Akasa

        not worked.. eventhough i do same like you say..

  • Fernando Gonzalez

    Keeps saying “Error 5 getting session names”. I did the regedit too. Is that supposed to be done on both computers?

    • MyBrooklyn1

      Hello….have you found a fix? I tried this ” Name : AllowRemoteRPC Type : REG_DWORD Value : 1 ” it did not work. I have two Windows 7 machines one is Pro and second is Enterprise on a LAN. It only works if I msg to it self ….Thank you

  • yin

    msg is not working on my prompt, it says that it is not intern command…. is there another way?


    it’s really working………….. thank you

  • Fatty_tuna

    cool! it works (y)

  • Vic

    So, question:

    Let’s supose i was sitting on a internet cafe, library or anything like that. We have a few computers and all of them are connected in the same network.

    For this to work, i need the session name and the pc name, right? But i can’t just go and aks to use the cmd prompt and have a look at this kind of information when there’s someone using it.

    So how can i get that? How can i, from my own computer, find out the session name and pc name from the other PCs on my network?

    Because, once i learn that, i should be able to get every bit of info to send out msgs, right? Anyway, i hope someone can see this and help me out. Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚