Looping Element Using Jquery


Looping Element Using Jquery, after Googling for a long time (it takes about 12 hours) finally I find  that Jquery can looping the element on the Jquery object target. The Jquery library provides a method called each(), which will loop all of your element of the target. I find at this website about how to use this each() method. Below is the example :

// Loop over each hottie.
$( "#girls a.hottie" ).each(
    // For each hottie, run this code. The "indIndex" is the
    // loop iteration index on the current element.
    function( intIndex ){
        // Bind the onclick event to simply alert the
        // iteration index value.
        $( this ).bind (
                alert( "Hottie index: " + intIndex );

Usually the above code can be used when you need to do some actions to find which anchor the user click…

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